Water coller function for laser cutting machine–Winnie | XTLASER

Water coller function for laser cutting machine–Winnie

Technology : to prevent equipment summer “condensation”

On the description of the water temperature setting of the water cooler:
The Tongfei cooler Which XTlaser laser use can adjust water tempreture according to tempreture and humidity. Generally, customers do not need to change any settings on it. Then it can be used normally.

As for 1000w or less watts laser source, we advice watering for a while, then opening laser source. Here are advantages as follows:
1.When the temperature is low, the water cycle for a period of time can make the water temperature higher. Which benefits for normal work of laser source
2.When the humidity is large, it is possible to make the internal condensation caused by the water. After the water cycle, the water cooling machine will automatically adjust to the appropriate water temperature to eliminate the condensation.

Fiber laser generator with more than 1000W comes with a dehumidifier. Which can reduce the humidity inside the laser resource. So that keep the dew point down. All fiber laser generator manufacturers will require to get in power to the fiber. Running dehumidifier device for a period of time and then connect the water.

According to the tests results with various type of  water chiller, the temperature of the low temperature water is about 5 ℃ higher than that of the dew point, and the high temperature water is about 10 ℃ higher than the dew point under the condition of automatic temperature control. If the customer uses the water cooler is not our company’s standard. Or need to set their own water temperature for special reasons. We recommend that customers set the temperature as above.

 What is dew point? How does it relate to temperature and humidity?

Condensation refers to the phenomenon that the temperature of the object surface is lower than that of the air around. (Just like take out a drink out of the refrigerator, there will be dew on the outside of the bottle, this is the condensation phenomenon. If condensation occurs inside the fiber laser generator, the damage is irreversible.) Dew point is the temperature of an object when it starts condensation, it is related to temperature and humidity, see the chart on the next page.

For example: If the temperature is 25 ℃, humidity is 50%, lookout table that dew point temperature of 14 ℃. In other words,with the environment of 25 ℃ temperature and 50% humidity, the water temperature of the water cooler to more than 14 ℃ will not need to cool the equipment condensation. At this time, if you set the water temperature, we recommend that the low-temperature water’s temperature to be 19 ℃, high-temperature water’s temperature to be 24 ℃.

But the dew point is too easy to change, the water temperature set a little carelessness may cause condensation phenomenon, do not recommend the customer set the water temperature by themselves, the best condition is to let the machine run in constant temperature and humidity environment.

Imagine an extreme environment, if the machine running the environment of 36 ℃ temperature,80% humidity, the dew point temperature is 32 ℃ through checking the table at this time.

In other words, at this time the water temperature of the water cooler at least 32 ℃ will not make the equipment condensation, if exceeds temperature more than 32 ℃ water really, water cooler won’t be real “water cooler”, the equipment cooling effect must be very bad.

Environment temperature、relative humidity、 Relative dew point comparison table.