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Protection matters using laser engraving machine



Laser engraving machine is widely use, cutting and engraving speed is very fast. So it also prompt the laser engraving machine to become the most application of engraving equipment. But as a laser device, when in use will on the human body according to some radiation hazards. Especially when cutting laser arc and flame, particularly to the operator of eye injuries. So, in the daily production of the use of the process should be how to protect good eye. Do a good job against radiation?

Laser cutting machine protective equipment typical is the laser protective goggles. Due to avoid injury of eye laser protective glasses, according to its protective principle can  divided into reflection. Absorption and diffraction type and compound type several. Of course, they will according to laser cutting  laser radiation wave sterile filtration protection. Arrive on the human body laser cutting laser machine maintenance. Which is on the market is relatively safe and convenient laser cutting  protective equipment. The plasma arc can also use in the plasma arc cutting.


1. In accordance with national and local laws and regulations, wearing a protective layer of dark glasses or goggles or welding cap, to protect your eyes from the flame of light, plasma arc ultraviolet and infrared radiation damage.

2 pay attention to the adjustment in the diet, to strengthen the anti radiation force

The human body if there is enough health level, on the laser cutting machine is able to resist a slight radiation. Because these foods are able to help people to better protect the eyes, so that the human body can be in the laser cutting  radiation conditions, better maintenance of the human body.

3. In the arrangement of cutting the scene, take the following measures to reduce the UV rays or radiation: the working area of the wall paint into the dark to reduce radiation; protective device screen or curtain to reduce the UV radiation

4, when the eye goggles or cap lens sag, please immediately change.

5 work in the area of other personnel do not open when cutting arc or flame.

  The above is some laser engraving machine operators commonly use protection measures, from the aspects of do the basic work of safety and protection, not only can better handling equipment, may also better to do a good job of personal safety protection work.