Which Metal Cutting Method is Better? Laser or Plasma?-Angelina

Which fiber laser Cutter Method is Better? Laser or Plasma?

There’s one question that a lot of manufacturers have when it comes to having their metal materials cut: Which one is better? Fiber laser cutter or CNC plasma? 

 Followings some differences between laser and plasma, I think they will help you.

1. Cutting precision: what’s the cutting precision you want?

Fibre cutter cutting precision is+/- 0.02mm/min

CNC Plasma cutter cutting precision is +/- 0.1mm

2. Cutting effect : what’s cutting effect you want to achieve?

Fiber cutter machine cutting surface is very smooth, no edges, no dross, cutting surface can be directly used for welding, don’t need to be polished.

CNC plasma cutter is very difficult to achieve same cutting effect with fiber laser cutting systems, it usually need to polish again after cut.

3. Applicable material: Which kind of metal you will cut ?

Fiber laser cutting machine is professional for cutting all kinds of metals.

It not only can cut non-reflective materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, but also can cut high reflective materials such as aluminium, cooper, brass and so on.

CNC plasma just can non-high anti-material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, not suitable for cutting high anti-material.

4. Noise and safe:

Plasma cutting is a more dangerous process than laser cutting.

When operating a plasma cutter, you must wear protective glasses at all times to avoid damage to your eyes, and the machine can be noisy.

Plasma cutting can also be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken before the machine is used.

More details for comparing fiber laser cutter

5. Metal cutting thickness: What’s your Max. Cutting thickness?

Plasma is able to cut metals in various thicknesses ranging between 1mm and 80mm.

However, laser cutting cannot cut materials as thick as plasma, and usually can only efficiently cut materials that are up to 25mm in thickness.

6. What’s your budget?

Fiber laser cutting machine is one kind of machine with high laser technology and high-end configurations, its price will be higher than cnc plasma.

So, choose which metal cutting method, it largely depends on what you need cutting, and the thickness, cutting precision of it, and your budget.