Three common problems in cutting carbon steel-Luis

In cutting carbon steel, we summarized three common problems. When these problems occur, you can check it firstly according to the following reasons.

1.Working materials has burrs.

(1) Position offset of fiber laser focus. You can do the focus position test and adjust it according to the offset of the laser focus.

(2) The output power of the laser is not up to standard.

You need to check if the laser generator is working normally. If it is normal, you need observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct.  if not, adjust it properly;

(3) Cutting speed is too low.

(4) Auxiliary gas is not pure enough. Please be sure to the ensure the purity of the auxiliary gas.

(5) Unstable machine operation because of long time working.

In this circumstance, please restart the machine.

2.Working materials  do not completely cut.

(1) The choice of laser nozzle does not match the plate thickness.

(2) Laser cutting speed is too fast.

3.Abnormal sparks when cutting mild steel.

(1)Laser head nozzle loss is severe, a new nozzle should be replaced.

(2)If there is no replaceable nozzle, operators are supposed to increase the the pressure of the auxiliary gas.

(3) If the thread at the junction of the nozzle and the laser head is loose, the cutting should be suspended immediately

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