The reasons why fiber laser cutting machine has errors-Luis | XTLASER

The reasons why fiber laser cutting machine has errors-Luis

Errorsfiber laser cutting machine

Errors : Fiber laser cutting machine is popular with the high cutting precision and high efficiency. However, sometimes the operator find that the fiber laser cutter has some errors in cutting.

The following are several factors that may exist in this situation.

Error 1. Too thick material.

If it is out of the cutting capability, the machine will has cutting errors.

Error 2. Laser output power is not up to standard.

When debugging the machine, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power reaches the standard. Generally, the higher the output power, the better cutting effect .

Error 3. Inaccurate focus position.

If the focus of the laser cutting machine is not aligned, it directly affects the cutting accuracy.

So be sure to calibrate before running. The machine of XTLaser has autofocus laser head, it is flexible focusing and can automatic cut various thickness of plates.

Error 4. Computer malfunction.

If the operating system infected with the virus or appear computer hardware failure, the machine will appear the problems, such as incorrect cutting pattern and cutting tolerance.

The parts of the laser cutting machine, especially the lenses, are fragile.