The high-power era of laser cutting machine is coming – Gema

The high-power era of laser cutting machine is coming, what is the prospect of 10,000-watt laser cutting machine?


In recent years, laser cutting machine has become an ideal solution for the sheet metal cutting industry due to its high efficiency, high energy density, non-contact processing and flexibility, as well as its advantages in accuracy, speed and efficiency.

In recent decades, laser cutting technology has developed rapidly. And compared with the traditional shearing process, it has the advantages of higher cutting accuracy, higher material utilization and productivity. As a precision processing method, laser cutting can process almost all materials. Including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates. In the field of sheet metal cutting, from micron-level ultra-thin plates to tens of millimeters thick plates, efficient cutting can be carried out. Laser cutting has advantages over traditional cutting. It can be said that laser cutting has set off an important technological revolution in the sheet metal processing industry.

Ordinary people may ask, what can laser cutting do. Then it is worth mentioning that it plays a vital role in the application field of industrial manufacturing. Laser cutting equipment is a necessary basic equipment for pillar industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, and energy equipment. It represents the development direction of strong laser technology and its application in the world today. Not only can it solve some technical problems in major project construction, but it also has a leading role in the formation and development of the country’s emerging laser processing industry in the future.

The high-power large-format fiber laser cutting machine has a large cutting area and a fast cutting speed. It can cut thicker metal plates and has stable performance. It is an inevitable trend in the development of laser cutting technology. With the in-depth application of laser cutting technology, it will further promote laser cutting technology towards high precision and high power.