Installation process of fiber laser cutting machine Tulsa

Installation process of fiber laser cutting machine Tulsa

Boot of installation process

1. Turn on the machine control switches in turn, power on the device. And insert the handle driver and the mouse and keyboard receiver into the USB interface.

2.Turn the red switch knob to ON, turn the key switch to power up the device

3.Turn on the control loop switch, turn on the switch button of the industrial computer, start the computer. Then turn on the drive switch, power on the servo drive, and click to start the software.

4. Rotate to the right to turn on the emergency stop button on the display

Check the waterway of installation process

Close the optical fiber switch of the water cooler on the control cabinet, and turn on the switch knob of the water cooler. (Because of the different models of the water cooler, you may need to click the start button on the panel again after turning off the knob.) At this time, the water cooler works , Check the connections of the entire waterway. If you find a water leak, turn off the water cooler immediately and go to repair the leak. Test again after refurbishment to ensure that there is no water leakage.


Check the gas path of installation process

First, make sure that there is corresponding gas in your gas supply device, and then check whether all gas paths and interfaces are connected. Turn on the switches of each gas supply device, and turn on the switches on the oxygen meter and the nitrogen meter respectively. It is recommended to turn the oxygen meter to between 0.3-1.0Mpa and the nitrogen meter to between 1.0-2.5Mpa. If you hear a leak Sound, find its location and solve the air leak. After ensuring that there is no air leakage, as shown in the figure below, click “N2” or “Air/O2” in the operating software to see if the air is out, and then click “N2” or “Air/O2” to see if the air is off. If there is an abnormality, it needs to be resolved.