Know more about high power GP series-XT LASER-Eliza

Now high power 10kw+ laser cutting machine is a trend in the market.

Today we will intruduce you more about XT LASER high power GP series laser cutting machine.

Model Features:

  1. The cyclonic semi-hollow bed has a small heating area, which avoids deformation of the bed due to long-term high temperature, and provides a strong guarantee for customers to achieve stable batch cutting for a long time.
  2. Aluminum profile beam, gantry structure, high-strength aluminum profile beam, good dynamic performance, strong deformation resistance, light weight, high strength, ensuring high speed, high precision, long-term stable operation, and improving work efficiency.
  3. Intelligent human-computer control system, rich human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate, humanized, convenient and easy-to-learn control system.
  4. Fully sealed outsourcing, fully enclosed laser protection glass design, prevent laser damage, positive pressure protection, ventilation in left and right partitions of the bed, general control of butterfly valve, stronger suction and smoother smoke exhaust.
  5. Double-motor exchange table, stable and fast exchange, precise positioning and locking, efficient, time-saving, and safe production.
  6. High-power dedicated intelligent cutter, dedicated gas path, cutting process is more excellent, production and processing efficiency is greatly improved.

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