High-power Laser Cutting Process and Solutions

Difficulties of High-power Laser Cutting Process and Solutions-Serena

With incomparable advantages such as large cutting range, fast cutting speed, and the ability to cut thicker plates, high-power laser cutting has been widely recognized by the market. However, as high-power cutting technology is still in the early stage of popularization, some operators are not very proficient in the techniques of high-power laser cutting. 

If the cutting effect is found to be poor, the following reasons should be investigated first:

1. All lenses in the laser head are not polluted and clean;

2. The water temperature of the water tank is normal, and the laser source has no condensation;

3. The cutting gas purity is excellent with smooth gas path, and there is no gas leakage.

Problem 1: Cutting surface has stripes

Possible Causes:

1. The nozzle is incorrectly selected: for example, the nozzle is too large;

2. The air pressure is set incorrectly: for example, and the air pressure is set too high, which will cause over burning and streaks;

3. the cutting speed is wrong, too slow or too fast cutting speed will also cause sufficient over burn.


1. Replace the nozzle with a small diameter, such as for 16mm carbon steel bright surface cutting, you can choose high-speed nozzle D1.4mm; 20mm carbon steel bright surface can choose high-speed touch nozzle D1.6mm;

2. Reduce the cutting air pressure can improve the cutting quality of the surface;

3. Adjust the cutting speed and match the power with the cutting speed properly to achieve the effect shown in the right picture below.

Problem 2: There is slag on the bottom

Possible Causes:

1. The nozzle is too small and the cutting focus is not matched;

2. The air pressure is too small or too large, also the cutting speed is too fast;

3. The material of the metal sheet is poor, and the quality of the metal sheet is not good. It is difficult to remove the slag with a small nozzle.


1. Replace the large-caliber nozzle and adjust the focusing focus to a suitable position;

2. Increase or decrease the air pressure until the air flow is appropriate;

3. Choose better metal sheet.

Problem 3: There are burrs on the bottom

Possible Causes:

1. The nozzle diameter is too small to meet the processing requirements;

2. the negative defocus does not match: the negative defocus should be increased, and the appropriate position should be adjusted

3. The air pressure is too small, which causes burrs on the bottom and cannot be fully cut.


1. Choose large-caliber nozzles to increase air flow;

2. Increase negative defocus to make the cutting section reach the bottom position;

3. Increasing the air pressure to reduce the bottom burr.