The Most Neglected Details Of The Fiber Laser Cutter-Anne

    The Most Neglected Details Of The Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber laser cutter is a laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source.

Optical fiber laser is a new type of optical fiber in the world.
which outputs high energy density laser beam and gathers on the surface of the workpiece.
which makes the workpiece melt and gasify the area illuminated by the ultrafine focus spot instantaneously.

However, fiber laser cutting machine is not omnipotent, no matter how perfect the equipment will also have its shortcomings, we should not only see its superior processing performance, but also pay attention to its own current limitations, such as processing material attribute restrictions, strict processing specifications, and so on.

First of all, the fiber laser cutting machine processing category.

Before the fiber laser cutting machine mainly belongs to the metal laser cutting machine processing category, so the main cutting metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, acid washing plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plate and pipe cutting.

But with the development of technology, the technology of non-metallic cutting in plastics, composites and plexiglass has also matured.

Secondly, fiber laser cutting machine does not recommend long-term cutting aluminum, copper and other rare metal materials, although the processing of these materials are really good.

but because these materials belong to high-reflective materials , the long-term action on these materials may affect the service life resulting in the subsequent processing effect is not good.

It will also increase the use of consumables.

Finally, the laser cutter is based on its high power Small difference, cutting thickness also changes.

The greater the power, the greater the cutting thickness;

The thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed. Tthe laser cutter for thin plate cutting advantage is very obvious.

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How to solve the burrs caused by laser cutting?–Winnie

Laser cutting machine is widely use in the sheet metal processing industry.

Because of its advantages such as high work efficiency, good quality of the finish product, flexible processing, etc.,

It has been increasingly favore by the sheet metal processing industry. However, when some customers use laser cutting machines, there are many burrs on the workpiece. Many people think that the quality of the laser cutting machine is defective. Is this the case?

Actually not necessarily. In the process of sheet metal processing, the parameter setting and gas purity of the laser cutting machine will affect the processing quality. Use a suitable and qualified gas, configure the machine and adjust the parameters so that the cut workpiece will not burr.

The burr is actually an excessive amount of residue particles on the surface of the metal material. When a laser cutting machine processes a workpiece, a laser beam is irradiat on the surface of the workpiece, and the energy generate causes the surface of the workpiece to vaporize to achieve the purpose of cutting.

When cutting, auxiliary gas is use to quickly blow off the slag on the metal surface, so that the cutting section is smooth without burrs. Different auxiliary gases are used to cut different materials. If the gas is not pure or the pressure is not enough to cause a small flow, the slag will not be blown clean and burrs will form.

Another reason is the setting of equipment parameters, such as the incorrect position of the laser focus.

If the workpiece has burrs, you can troubleshoot from the following aspects:

1. If the cutting gas is not pure enough, if not, replace it with a high-quality cutting auxiliary gas.

2. If the laser focus position is correct, you need to do a focus position test and adjust it according to the focus offset.

3. The output power of the laser is not enough. Check whether the laser works normally. If it is normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct and adjust accordingly.

4. The cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow, it is necessary to increase the line speed during operation.

5. The machine runs for too long, causing the machine to be unstable. It needs to shut down and restarted to allow the machine to rest.

Four Factors Affect Steel Laser Cutting Machine Price-Anne

Four Factors Affect Steel Laser Cutting Machine Price

With the development of sheet metal processing market, the demand of steel laser cutting machine also increase, now there are various laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the price of laser cutter are also different from each other, some of which are even far from each other. So what factors affect the steel laser cutter machine price?

laser cutting machine






Next, XT laser will share with you.

1. Production process level leads to different price

Due to the different market and the different production technology level in the production process of metal laser cutting machine, it also leads to the price gap between different manufacturers.

2. Configuration affects price

Different configuration cause the steel laser cutter price difference.

The price is qualitative according to the quality of configuration. Good laser accessories can make the laser cutting machine have good performance.this will reduce the overall power consumption. so low heat and loss as well as low heat will not damage the substrate.So,your machine will have a long work lifespan.

3. Different model machine with different price

Before purchasing the steel laser cutter, you need know the material, now the common laser cutting machine can be divided into: co2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutting machine, mixed laser cutting machine and other models, you need choose machine depends on your materials size, thickness, and metal or nonmetal,those different type laser machine have different price.

4. Depends on quality and service.

The timeliness of after-sales service of good steel laser cutting machine manufacturers can guarantee our continuous production and won’t let us suffer losses. However, some laser cutting machine manufacturers delay after-sales service and the quality of after-sales personnel is not high, which eventually leads to our production delay and loss,so,when you buy a laser machine,you’d better to consider the service and training factors. Finally, it is suggested that we should not only consider the price,but also consider the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors when purchasing a steel laser cutting machine. We suggest that the user can simply understand the basic knowledge before choosing the steel laser cutter, and then select the one that suitable for your business.

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How to use fiber laser cutting machine scientifically-Anne

How to use fiber laser cutting machine scientifically

The cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine is the most concerned by customers. At the same time, it is also a skill training that craftsmen need to constantly improve. However, in order to cut satisfactory samples, it is necessary to use optical fiber laser cutting machine scientifically.
Let’s take a look at the evaluation criteria of cutting quality and the methods of realizing high quality cutting from the following three points:

1.The cutting section is smooth, the grain is less, and there is no brittle fracture.

When the optical fiber laser cutting machine work,  laser beam deviates will show the cutting marks. So a laser slight reduction in the rate at the end of the cutting process can eliminate the formation of the pattern.

2.The cutting slit width.

Thickness of the cutting plate and the size of the nozzle influence The size of the slit

In general, if the metal plate is thin, the nozzle selected will be small, because the amount of assist gas required is relatively small. Similarly, if the metal plate is thick, it needs more assist gas, so the nozzle is also large, and the cutting seam will be widened accordingly. So we have to look for the right type of nozzle in order to cut out a good product.

3.The cutting verticality is good and the heat affected area is small.

The verticality of the edge is a very important element of laser cutting.

The laser beam diverts when away from focus, depending on the position of the focus, the cut widens toward the top or bottom, the more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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How to clean metal laser cutting machine dust?—Winnie

How to clean metal laser cutting machine dust?

Now when you purchase a metal laser cutting machine, you can choose a wide range of applicability. It can use to process small pieces, such as small nameplates.  And can also cut and cut whole boards in batches. With the increasing monthly benefits of fiber laser cutting machines. It is inevitable that a large amount of dust will generate during daily use.  After a long time, the machine will precipitate on the machine. In order to better maintain and maintain the machine. And not to How to clean the machine, how should we clean the dust in the engraving machine?

1. First of all

the dust on the machine surface of the metal laser cutting machine does not matter. But it can clean anyway, but it is not recommend to clean the dust inside the machine. It is easy to scratch the laser head when it is improperly removed. Cannot be accurately positioned.

2, secondly,

as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, it does not affect the use. The safest method is to invert the metal laser cutting machine (laser head down) with a blower (a tool for cleaning digital SLR CCD, very cheap) ) blow off the dust.

3. In addition,

special attention should  pay to the replacement of water and the cleaning of the water tank.  (It is recommend to clean the water tank once a week and replace the circulating water once).
Metal laser cutting machine dust mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of photosensitive elements. Common phenomena include malfunction of the optical inspection, the CPU fan of the computer does not turn, and so on. Then metal laser cutting machine in addition to dust affects the processing process, there are some factors that will affect.

What are the factors that affect the processing of metal laser cutting machines?

1. The impact of the metal laser cutting machine power supply on the processing is the most direct, mainly the control system disorder. Each electronic device and each functional component of the SMC control system has a certain voltage and frequency range. The overload operation of any component inevitably leads to instability of the entire system. A common phenomenon is machining offset.

2. The influence of the vibration of the metal laser cutting machine is reflect in frequent broken tools and the surface is not smooth. The common reason is that the machine tool is touching during the machining process, the level of machine tool installation is unqualified, and there is a punch around.

3, metal laser cutting machine generally does not appear tool collapse and broken edge caused by the engraving surface is not smooth, there are jagged phenomena. It is found that the engraved surface is not smooth and has a jagged phenomenon. It should be checked whether the model size of the knives used is suitable. If the shank is extended too long, the knives will be deformed at the processing time, which will result in a machined surface. Not smooth and jagged.

4, metal laser cutting machine ambient temperature and humidity mainly affect the performance of the control system, the performance of the drive motor. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the control system may have erroneous control, and the driving torque of the drive motor may not reach the rated value.

Detailed laser cutting process–2 –Winnie


1. Laser cutting Due to the limitation of laser power and equipment volume, laser cutting can only cut medium and small thickness plates and tubes, and the cutting speed decreases significantly with the increase of workpiece thickness.
2. The cost of laser cutting equipment is high, and also the one-time investment is large.

Process points

1. Mechanical structure design of laser cutting machine. This is mainly reflected in the design of the beam and machine structure. The beam must be designed to be light and flexible, and the machine structure requires high rigidity and high stability. These are the basic elements for achieving high precision laser cutting.
2, laser cutting machine CNC technology. This requires a high quality control system. SoiIt has laser-specific control functions, good machine motion control performance at high speeds, and remote diagnostics and control.
3. High power laser beam transmission focusing technology. Beam quality is the key to laser cutting quality, and key technologies include: proprietary beam quality control, beam radius adjustment, beam compensation, and video beam calibration systems.
4, laser cutting machine proprietary technology. These include edge monitoring, capacitance height tracking, cutting monitoring, and penetration testing.
5. CAD/CAM software system for laser cutting machine. In order to cooperate with the laser cutting graphic conversion, the work of writing complex part programs is simple and smooth, and editing and modification are also very convenient. It is necessary to develop and design a special CAD/CAM software system.
6, high power laser cutting head design.
7, laser cutting process research, especially for the research of curved surface cutting, titanium alloy cutting, thick sheet cutting and other processes.

Application range

Most laser cutting machines are controlled by CNC programs or made into cutting robots. As a sophisticated machining method, so laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including 2D or 3D cutting of thin metal sheets.
In the field of automobile manufacturing, the cutting technology of space curves such as car roof windows has widely useing. Volkswagen AG uses a 500W laser to cut complex body sheets and various curved parts. In the aerospace industry, laser cutting technology is mainly use for the cutting of special aviation materials, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, chrome alloy, stainless steel, cerium oxide, composite materials, plastics, ceramics and quartz.

Such as aerospace components processed by laser cutting include engine flame tube, titanium alloy thin-wall machine, aircraft frame, titanium alloy skin, wing long stern, tail siding, helicopter main rotor, space shuttle ceramic heat insulation tile, etc.
Laser cutting forming technology also has a wide range of applications in the field of non-metallic materials. It can cut not only high hardness and brittle materials, such as silicon nitride, ceramics, quartz, etc., but also flexible materials such as cloth, paper, plastic sheets, rubber, etc., such as laser cutting for clothing, saving material 10 %~12%, improve the efficacy by more than 3 times.

Why do other manufactures quote lower life times on their diode bars?–Winnie

Why do other manufactures quote lower life times on their diode bars?

Diode bars (AKA as monolithic laser diode arrays) full of multiple emitters arranged in parallel in one crystal. Because of the high heat density in the junction area and strong thermal crosstalk between the emitters comprising the bars diode arrays must mounte on copper with soft solder (Indium) and water-coolling. High-speed and high pressure water flow through tiny gold coated channels in the copper (called micro-channel coolers) provides aggressive cooling.

However the water in the system must keep extremely clean and PH neutral as these channels are prone to failure due to cavitation and erosion in a relatively short period of time. Keeping water quality to the specification is extremely challenging task in any, especially in industrial, environment. Copper heatsink and diode bar semiconductor are very dissimilar materials, including coefficient of thermal expansion. Under real world operating conditions, frequent on-off cycles. The performance of bars tends to deteriorate much faster than under constant driving current which bar manufacturers use mostly to characterize their devices.

Why do other manufactures quote lower life times on their diode bars?

The other source of frequent bars’ failure is in the semiconductor diode bar itself; lifetime of the bar is usually determine by the reliability of its “weakest” emitter. In order to improve performance and boost heatsinking bars are often get attache to micro-channel coolers with high heat conductive soft solder indium.  Under high driving current operation indium know to migrate through bar metallization into semiconductor material thus causing its sudden instantaneous failure.

Many manufacturers of diode bars pro rate the warranty based on hours used. IPG have always used single emitter diode laser pumps manufactured entirely in-house. These mounte on a heat sink with the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the diode chip. IPG uses telecom-qualified hard solder which is free of electro-migration defects. Depending upon the size of the fiber laser, IPG diodes are either air-coolling. With high speed fans or are water-coolling through stainless steel pipes beneath the heat sink.

So there is no direct contact with water coolant.  And the diode light delivery via fiber and delivery directly to the active medium and spliced thus eliminating. An air to active medium interface that can be a source of contamination. The life of the single emitter diodes directly relate to the current they are operating at. All industrial IPG fiber laser diodes are run at a current level where the predicted end of life (MTBF) is > 100,000 hours of operation. IPG Photonics diodes are not pro-rated and are covered for the complete warranty period of the fiber laser or amplifier.

What are the benefits of change YAG laser to a fiber laser?–Winnie

What are the benefits of change YAG laser to a fiber laser?

In design, fiber lasers generate less heat and are more efficient at managing the heat generated.

The energy consumption of the erbium-doped diode-pumped fiber laser (pump wavelength 980 nm) . Is lower than that of the Nd:YAG diode-pumped laser (pump wavelength 808 nm) (ie, the difference between pump source energy and emission energy).

In addition, fiber lasers typically have a light-to-light conversion efficiency of 70-80%, while lamp-pumped YAG is only about 4%, and diode-pumped YAG and disc lasers are about 40%. Since the laser always containe within the fiber, there are no other factors in the laser cavity that cause laser loss.

1, The optical and optical conversion efficiency of fiber lasers is higher than 30%, while the lamp-pumped YAG laser is only 1.5% to 2%.
2, No need to replace the flash, which is more cost-effective: unlike lamp pumping, a fiber-optic laser uses a carrier-grade single-core junction semiconductor laser tube with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.
3, The spot size and shape of all power levels fix
4, Maintenance free or maintenance free
5, Very few spare parts
6, Air cooled or basically does not require cooling
7, Very small size
8, Longer working distance
9, No adjustment required
10, No need to warm up, ready to use



4 aspects to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting-Anne

4 aspects to judge the quality of fiber laser cutting

Grasp the rules of the various technological factors in the processing of fiber laser cutting machine on the surface quality, we can find the process measures to improve the cutting quality, to improve the quality of the materials surface.

For laser cutting, evaluation of the quality of their processing are mainly the following 4 points:

Keep perpendicularity is good, heat-affected area is small

The perpendicularity of the cut edge is important when the thickness of the machined material exceeds 18 mm;

the laser beam diverges away from the focus, and the cut becomes wider toward the top or bottom depending on the focus position.

Cutting edge deviation from the vertical line a few millimeters, the more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

Heat effects of cutting materials

As a hot cutting application equipment, it is have to exert a thermal influence on the material during its use, which mainly includes three aspects:

a. Heat affected zone; b. Depression and corrosion; c. Deformation of material
The heat-affected zone refers to during the laser cutting, along which the area near the incision is heate. At the same time, the structure of the material itself changes.
This is especially important in fine workmanship, where the contours and tabs are usually only a few tenths of a millimeter wide. Controlling fiber laser power and using short laser pulses can reduce the risk of heat build-up and avoid distortion.

Narrow kerf width;

The cutting width generally does not affect the quality of the cut.

The cutting width has an important influence only when a particularly precise profile is formed inside the part because the cutting width determines the minimum internal dimensions of the profile. As the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting width also varies with Increase.

So you want to ensure that the same high-precision, regardless of the width of the incision, the processing of the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

Cutting surface smooth, less lines, no brittle fracture

When the laser is cutting the sheet at high temperature, the traces of the molten material do not appear in the notch below the vertical laser beam, and instead, it is ejected at the rear of the laser beam.As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam.

In order to correct this problem, the feed rate is reduced at the end of the cutting process and the formation of lines can be substantially eliminated.

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2 Methods to Improved the Laser Cutting Machine Efficiency—Winnie

2 Methods to Improved the Laser Cutting Machine Efficiency

There are many components in the laser equipment. Some parts have a short maintenance period. It is necessary to carry out maintenance frequently to have a relatively good operating state. How can the laser cutting machine be able to faster and better? Next, XTLASER Laser will take you to know the debugging process of the laser cutting machine.

First, debugging machine parameters, improve machine cutting speed.

Machine parameter setting is one of the main factors affecting the cutting speed of the machine. In general, if the parameters are not adjusted, its cutting speed is not good.When adjusting parameters, generally pay attention to the following places:

1. Initial speed

Many customers have such a misunderstanding that the initial speed is as good as possible, but in fact it is wrong. If the initial speed of the laser cutting machine is too high, the machine shake will be very large.

2. Acceleration speed

When cutting different patterns, the machine is a process of starting and stopping. Too low acceleration setting will cause the machine to cut slowly.

Second, adjust the machine assembly to improve the machine cutting effect.

1. Rail installation

The rails should install in parallel. If the installation is not parallel, the machine will have resistance when it runs, and it will be sawtooth when cut. Therefore, it is necessary to install two parallel rails in the Y direction, and there should be no error between them.

2. Installation of beam and coupling

When the machine beam and coupling are installed, the screw is not locked, or the lock is inclined, etc., it will affect the cutting effect.

Good cutting machine needs good debugging process to assist, if you do the above several aspects,the laser cutting machine will play an important role in improving your productivity. Dear friends, if you want to know more about our products, please contact us.