2 Methods to Improved the Laser Cutting Machine Efficiency—Winnie

2 Methods to Improved the Laser Cutting Machine Efficiency

There are many components in the laser equipment. Some parts have a short maintenance period. It is necessary to carry out maintenance frequently to have a relatively good operating state. How can the laser cutting machine be able to faster and better? Next, XTLASER Laser will take you to know the debugging process of the laser cutting machine.

First, debugging machine parameters, improve machine cutting speed.

Machine parameter setting is one of the main factors affecting the cutting speed of the machine. In general, if the parameters are not adjusted, its cutting speed is not good.When adjusting parameters, generally pay attention to the following places:

1. Initial speed

Many customers have such a misunderstanding that the initial speed is as good as possible, but in fact it is wrong. If the initial speed of the laser cutting machine is too high, the machine shake will be very large.

2. Acceleration speed

When cutting different patterns, the machine is a process of starting and stopping. Too low acceleration setting will cause the machine to cut slowly.

Second, adjust the machine assembly to improve the machine cutting effect.

1. Rail installation

The rails should install in parallel. If the installation is not parallel, the machine will have resistance when it runs, and it will be sawtooth when cut. Therefore, it is necessary to install two parallel rails in the Y direction, and there should be no error between them.

2. Installation of beam and coupling

When the machine beam and coupling are installed, the screw is not locked, or the lock is inclined, etc., it will affect the cutting effect.

Good cutting machine needs good debugging process to assist, if you do the above several aspects,the laser cutting machine will play an important role in improving your productivity. Dear friends, if you want to know more about our products, please contact us.