Startup sequence of laser cutting machine

The correct start-up sequence of the laser cutting machine is necessary for orderly operation

The operation of the laser cutting machine must be carried out in sequence. The operator of the laser cutting machine must be familiar with the equipment structure, performance, and operation essentials, and strictly prepare according to the relevant provisions of the operation manual. Before working on the laser cutting machine, other unrelated personnel must stay away from the site. The laser cutting machine has replaced traditional metal forming processes, and has greatly improved efficiency and quality, Now, the manufacturer of laser cutting machines, XT Laser, will explain the startup sequence of laser cutting machines to everyone.

Please follow the following order to start the laser cutting machine:

1. Main power supply. Check if the power supply voltage and three-phase balance meet the electrical requirements of the machine tool.

2. Start the chiller. Check whether the water temperature and water pressure work normally. 3. Open the compressed air. Check whether the air pressure is normal.

4. Inject nitrogen and oxygen, check if the high and low pressure of the gas cylinder are correct. If the high pressure is below 0.6a, replace the gas cylinder.

5. Start the laser (refer to the laser operation manual).

6. The control system is powered on, and the machine tool returns to zero, causing the machine to enter a standby state (see the CNC system operation manual and the machine tool electrical operation manual).

When returning to zero, the cutting head position should be adjusted first to avoid damage during load return to zero.

7. Input the workpiece processing program (refer to the programming manual and electrical operation manual).

8. Turn on the auxiliary gas and adjust the air pressure according to the different processing materials. The gas-electric converter of the auxiliary gas should be adjusted in an appropriate position to ensure that the gas

Stop cutting when the pressure drops below a certain value to ensure the safety of the focusing lens.

9. Load and clamp the workpiece. Be careful when loading and unloading to ensure personal safety and avoid damaging the machine tool.

10. Start the program for processing. During the machining process, always pay attention to the cutting situation. If there is a possibility of cutting heads colliding or passing through cavities, immediately

Stop the machine and eliminate the fault factors before continuing cutting.

11. Shutdown. The shutdown sequence is as follows: a: Turn off the laser. Refer to the laser manual. b: Turn off the water cooler. Refer to the user manual of the chiller. c: Turn off nitrogen and oxygen. Pay attention to closing tightly to prevent air leakage. d: Turn off compressed air. e: The control system is powered off.

12. Clean up the site and record the operating conditions of the day. If any faults occur, detailed records must be kept for diagnosis and maintenance.

The above is the startup sequence of the laser cutting machine organized by the laser cutting machine manufacturer XT Laser for you. We hope it can be helpful to you. If you have equipment requirements, please contact online customer service directly.

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