Laser cutting machines can be applied to mold manufacturing

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In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly, relying on traditional processing methods for production. However, traditional processing methods are far from meeting existing development needs, and transformation and development are imperative. Therefore, the advantages of laser cutting machines in the mold industry have gradually emerged.

Most of the equipment used in mold processing in China is imported from abroad, and enterprises have a very large investment and growth ratio. There is an annual demand for mold processing equipment of over 10 billion yuan, and the equipment demand of mold enterprises is long-term, which means that laser cutting machines are also a very big business opportunity. With the continuous improvement of laser technology, its application is becoming more and more widespread, showing a good trend in future development. And various laser cutting machines are gradually being widely used in processing occasions such as automobiles, hardware, molds, and machinery. Among the advantages of the mold industry, the performance of laser cutting machines is particularly significant. XT Laser specializes in producing 500W-3000W fiber laser cutting machines. Taking the 3000W laser cutting machine as an example, it can cut metal plates with a thickness range of 0.5MM-20MM carbon steel.

In the future mold industry market, there will be a trend of large-scale and diversified parts development. In addition, the stability and reliability of materials for molds are becoming increasingly high, and there are high requirements for the inheritance and high-precision of mold equipment. These are also the shortcomings of existing mold equipment and the advantages of laser cutting machines. The workpiece cut by laser has a high impact on the material, material type The workpiece with almost no size requirements and good beam quality can be cut without subsequent processing, which is relatively cheaper, more stable, and maintenance free. Of course, in some aspects, laser cutting machines are also subject to certain conditions compared to the mold industry.

Application of laser cutting machine

The cutting effect in the mold industry is very good and is deeply loved by mold enterprises. It is mainly used in small and medium-sized precision molds, large and medium-sized precision plastic molds, and other precision molds. Next, I will introduce it to you in detail:

1. Small and medium-sized precision molds

The demand for this type of mold is also quite large, with a variety of types and a wide range of services. It is widely used in the manufacturing and electromechanical industries, mainly for precision cutting using laser cutting machines. At the same time, the development of the mold industry has also driven the technological development of laser equipment, and the continuous pursuit of new technologies has made laser technology increasingly powerful. Therefore, the two are mutually reinforcing and developing.

2. Large and medium-sized precision plastic molds

Large and medium-sized precision molds are mainly used in the automotive and home appliance industries, as the molds required by these industries are very precise, requiring more advanced laser cutting machines to meet the processing needs of components.

3. Other precision molds

With the widespread application of alloys, laser cutting machines have rapidly developed aluminum and magnesium alloy casting molds. The rapid development of China’s construction industry has led to an increase in demand for new types of buildings, and significant progress has been made in various types of special-shaped molds and plastic pipeline molds. The corresponding mold processing equipment – laser cutting machines – will have a bright future in the market.

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