What is the price of a laser cutting machine?

XT Laser – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In industrial production, we often come into contact with various mechanical equipment, and laser cutting machines are a common metal forming equipment. Although it may seem similar to other equipment, the advantages of laser cutting machines are highlighted when processing various materials. Laser cutting machines are mainly used for material forming in various industries. An efficient laser cutting machine can replace manual labor or even traditional processes. Is laser cutting machines expensive? What is the price of a laser cutting machine? How much is a fiber laser cutting machine? The price of fiber laser cutting machines is an urgent question that every customer who purchases or is about to purchase equipment is eager to know. Below is the answer from the manufacturer of XT Laser medium and low power laser cutting machines.

To know the price of laser cutting machines, the first thing to know is why you choose laser cutting machine products? What are you planning to use a laser cutting machine for? Why are the prices of laser cutting machines on the market different. The price of laser cutting machines ranges from tens of thousands to 200000, from 30000 to 400000, and even millions. Buying the right one is the best option, and both service and brand should be considered comprehensively. The fiber optic laser cutting machine mainly cuts thin sheets of metal materials, and its cutting speed is currently the fastest and best cutting quality among laser cutting equipment (under the same conditions). Its power is mainly between 500W-4000W, and the price is generally between 500000 and 400000 yuan. For the convenience of explaining the problem, let’s assume the following simplified processing scenario.

Two laser cutting machine enterprises A and B produce similar laser cutting machine products, such as 1000W fiber laser cutting machines, both priced at 600000 yuan. The production cost is all 55 yuan, so the profit is 5 yuan. Both companies know that the market price has become very transparent, especially in recent years, the competition in the laser cutting machine industry is extremely fierce. If it sells for 650000 yuan, the price sensitive customers will be excluded first. If it sells for 600000 yuan, it will have more Bargaining power, which is also a very favorable thing for customers. If the equipment is used well, they will not only buy it once, but will buy it many times, This type of profit sharing sales is already a model in the laser cutting machine industry.

Another aspect is the product quality and brand service of laser cutting machines. A good brand will inevitably have high prices, because a good brand corresponds to good pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales service, good product quality, and a good research and development team. This is something that every buyer needs to carefully choose. Large brands correspond to the manufacturer’s strength and after-sales service. The purchase of high-tech equipment must be supported by good after-sales service.

So for the issue of the price of laser cutting machines, it is necessary to choose different laser cutting machine models based on the different materials you want to cut. Fiber laser cutting machines with different powers and functions have different prices, and different powers correspond to different materials and thicknesses of profiles. The price of fiber laser cutting machines is also closely related to some optional equipment, including laser power devices, protective covers, laser cutting heads, etc., which are all factors that affect the price of fiber laser cutting machines.

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