Service and quality,what is important for you 2:Charry

Service and quality,what is important for you 2

Service and quality,what is important for you 2.

Service and quality,what is important for you 2

In last blog,we talked about the quality factors in the market.And you know the influences from it.

Now,we are talking about the service.

Actually,in my past working time,i have met many customers feedback on the service.

For example,one customer bought the 50w fiber laser marking machine to cut jewelry,the machine seems similar.But after they get the machine,they can not cut jewelry off,and their suppliers didn’t reply them~~~~

And another customer,they are agent in local market,they cooperate with another supplier(USD80 cheaper).They bought 12sets,after they sold to their customers,the problem comes.They just sold 4sets now,but all of the 4sets machine broken down~~Their customers are angry on the bad quality.And they try to contact this supplier to support them,like changing the broken parts,even to help them check the machine.But no reply !!!!

I think it is so bad! How dare they! As a reseller,the reputation and fast service is really important for them. Cause they are in the local market. Everything is quick,anything bad can kill them.Why not to help them?

And they come to us,said: at the beginning,they know which one is better,but the bad suppliers told them,they will increase the quality,but they didn’t.That is Chinese market,quality and service always depending on the price.If you are ready to have one machine to work,then need be careful.

Just to see and adjust by your eyes,not to follow some good words.

Also there is some agents tell us,suppliers can support them.But wasting so many time,usually can not find them.Or find them,but later they disappear again.

I think,maybe those suppliers just want to sell one time,not a long term cooperation.

One time,they can earn enough money from you than a long term cooperation.

So focus on it.

Any confusions,contact me.



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