Summary of common questions about laser marking machine-Ariel

Summary of common questions about laser marking machine

About  90%  new customers all have some questions about our machine.Today we will show you the summary of common questions about laser marking machine.

1.Our files are normally created in Corel Draw, is it an easy process to use Corel Draw files. What file types are able to be used ?
Our Ezcad software could be in English.  DXF, AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP, LAS, PLT files type.All of them are OK.

2.What are the marking contents?
Alphanumeric info, date matrix  or dot matrix 2D codes, shift codes, barcode, serial number, date, VIN code, time, letter, figure, logo, graphics etc.

3.Is your Ezcad software original ? it will be licence to us or to someone else about section ?
Yes, every Ezcad software is original. Everyone need different software dog or pass word,only your machine could use it. they charge me duty fee in your country?
DHL will responsible for handing all things, you just need pay them. Our machine H.S. code is 845610. You can check your duty fee.

5.Is there a foot pedal to activate the laser?  If we have large production run, how does the operator make the engraving fast?  
Our every machine equipped with foot pedal/foot switch, it is our standard specification. Don’t worry.

6.Is it possible to put our brand and label on your equipment?
We can put your well-known brand or logo on our equipment.we have cooperated with some customers in this way for years.


Hope these questions are helpful to you.

Ariel Liu

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