Preparation before using the welding machine-Ariel

Preparation before using the welding machine

This article is about preparation before using the welding machine.

Recently,we received many orders about handheld fiber laser welding machine.And some clients have received their laser welding machines now.But some clients never use this kind of machine before.So today we will tell you the preparation before using the welding machine.

Firstly,you need to prepare the Auxiliary gas,water and electricity.

1.Auxiliary gas
We suggest you use the auxiliary gas to weld.Nitrogen and argon are all ok.It can protect the lens so the lens lifetime will be
longer. The price of the gas is different in different counties and regions. If you think the cost
of the gas is too high, you can use air compressor to produce air gas. But the welding effect
will not very good, the welding surface of the metal may be black, so our customers should
wipe the surface of the metal with ethyl alcohol.Nitrogen or argon all is ok.

You need to prepare 18L pure water or distilled water.We will drain the water in the water chiller before shipment
to prevent the water inside form becoming moldy and deteriorated during transportation.So you need to put in the
water when you receive it.And it will be better to change the water once a week.

1000w welding machine need 220V,single phase.So you need to prepare the air switch in advance.

Here is the video about how to use the machine when you receive it.Hope it will be helpful to you.

Fiber laser welding machine operation-Nancy

Hope this article will be helpful to you.Any other questions,pls let me know.Wish for your kindly reply.

Ariel Liu