Clients’ review to XTLaser fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

Clients’ review to XTLaser fiber laser cutting machine

Recently we received many Clients’ review to XTLaser fiber laser cutting machine .Thanks for all client’s trust and support.Today we will share some of them to you.

Firstly,fiber laser cutting machine in Egypt.

This customer is doing door and window processing services, and he bought a 1500w IPG laser cutting machine. Now he is very satisfied with this machine, the following is his feedback to us.

Secondly,fiber laser cutting machine

This customer has bought our cutting machine for two years, and this one is still an old model from us at that time. Now the machine has been running very well and the customer is very satisfied with it.

Thirdly,fiber laser cutting machine in Turkey

XTC-F1530G fiber laser cutting machine is one of the most popular model in Turkey and European market.It is the full enclosed design and it has two exchange tables.This customer is doing sheet metal processing services.He choose 4kw Raycus laser source.

About the warranty
We offer two years for whole machine(except for the quick-wear parts) but lifetime service.If any parts  broken during in
the period, you only need to send us the broken parts, we will repair for you for free and bear the shipping cost.

And we will create an online group for you as the laser welding machine.You can contact our after-sales staff and engineers anytime if you have any questions.We will help you every details until your machine runs perfectly.

About the machine life
In theory,the lifetime of laser source is 100,000 hours. Although the laser power decreases slightly every year.It has no problem to use 5-6 years.

Ariel Liu


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