Main Parts of Fiber Laser Marking Machine–control board

The laser marking is with a laser beam to get permanent marks on a variety of different material surfaces.

The effect of marking is to expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material,

or to “mark” the trace by the chemical and physical reactions of the surface material caused by the laser energy,

or to burn some of the material by laser energy, light to achieve the needed patterns and text.

After introducing the laser source and lens and Galvo head in previous blogs, today we are moving to introduction of control board or card,

working table and adjustable pillar.

  1. Control board or card.

Control card is also important to fiber laser machine. If fiber laser source is the heart to fiber laser machine, control card is the brain to fiber laser machines. It controls all the actions. So you can see the importance of control card. But how to select the suitable control card?

a) There are Germany Samlight brand and China JCZ brand control card in the current China market. Among this, JCZ occupies the 95% market.

and Samlight just has 5%. It is because JCZ can meet 90-95% demands from customers and very easier to learn for operators, especially new users.

and from the feedback of customers, JCZ quality is very stable, can last 3-4 years without any problem. Meanwhile, Original Samlight is much higher price. and majority are copy one. Quality is not stable.

JCZ-control-board JCZ-control-board

b)  Based on JCZ control board, EZCAD software is its controlling program.  The latest version of EZCAD is 2.14.8 and also keep on updating. Original JCZ could support update connecting to internet and windows 7/8/10 with 32 or 64 bites.  However, in order to attract customers, some suppliers provide copy JCZ with lower price. and its version is 2.7.6 or 2.9.9. it can only support windows 7 32 bites and can not support update.  Of course quality is not very stable.  please pay attention on this when you select. Below attached the working video of EZCAD.

2. 2D working table.


Table can move left and right, front and back.

With this table, operators can adjust marking objects slightly and accuracy.

3. Lifting pillar

We have 50cm and 80cm lifting pillars. As mentioned before, there are 110*110mm, 200*200mm and 300*300mm marking scope.

And the larger marking scope is, the higher focus length it is . so it needs higher lifting pillar.

50cm pillar is suitable for maximum 200*200mm marking scope. if it is much higher than 200*200mm, 80cm pillar is suitable.

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