Machine body,fiber laser cutting machine-Jill

Machine body,fiber laser cutting machine

For fiber laser cutting machine,what is the most important?

Among the machine quality and etc., the machine structure shall be the most important.
Here we introduce the machine body details for u.

1.Here we share the machine body details

Firstly,here is machine bed.

The machine bed is one of the most important part of the whole machine,which directly influence the cutting accuracy.
Therefore,the machine body must be stable enough.

In the market,there are two kinds:plate welded machine body ,tube welded body,cast iron body.
①Firstly,For plate welded machine bed,it is the most popular in the laser market.
②Secondly,For Cast iron machine bed,it will have many bubble inside and  can’t check it by ordinary equipment. these bubble will make bed not solid. After long time running. Machine bed may breakage.So this machine body is also not popular.
③Thirdly,For tube welded body,it is not stable,the body weight is light,it is only suitable for low watt.

Our company adopt the thick plate welded machine body,it is high strength,so it could assure the enough stability.
Besides,the square hole on the machine body could help remove dust and smoke.

2.machine structure production process:

· 12mm Thick plates cutting  — Welding
· Firstly,(Heat Process) High Temperature failure and Natural release — Release the pressure of internal under over 650℃ environment.
· Secondly,Rough Manching — Removing the welding slag, milling out the shape of machine bed, making the processing surface for finish manching
· Thirdly,Finish manching— 9 meters milling machine, ensure the reference for installation of rails, racks etc., positioning holes, installation holes etc.
· Forthly,Detectioing— Detecting the manching accuracy, parallelism, straightness etc., by adding meters on the milling machine
· Fifthly,Blasting treatment— Removing the oxide layer/rust etc. on the machine bed
· And then,Paint spaying
· Next,Adding serial numbers— Each machine bed has its own serial No.

Positioning and repositioning accuracy up to 0.03mm.

More questions just let us know.
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