Fiber laser cutting machine processing alloy sheets difficulties – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine processing alloy sheets difficulties

In the normal machine using, fiber laser cutting machine processing alloy sheets difficulties:

1. The work hardening tendency is large.

The surface of the laser cutting machine will produce a hardened layer of about 0.03mm. And the hardness will increase to about HRC47, and the degree of hardening is as high as 27%. Work hardening has a large effect on the life of the oxidized tip tap and often results in severe boundary wear.

2. The material has poor thermal conductivity.

The large amount of cutting heat generated when cutting high-temperature alloys absorb the oxidation tip taps. And the cutting edge subject to cutting temperatures of up to 800-1000 ° C. Under high temperature and large cutting force, the cutting edges will plastically deform, bond and diffuse.

3. Large cutting force.

The strength of superalloy is more than 30% higher than that of conventional alloy steel of steam turbine. Under the cutting temperature of 600 °C, the strength of nickel-based superalloy is still higher than that of ordinary alloy steel. And the unit cutting force of the unreinforced high-temperature alloy is above 4000 N/mm2. While the ordinary alloy steel is only 2500 N/mm2.

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