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Notes when operatng fiber laser cutting machine-Anne

Notes when operatng fiber laser cutting machine

Recently, when training new employees, we found that people pay no attention to the precautions of fiber laser cutting machine.
First of all, we want to emphasize to everyone that the operations specification is the first step in using the machine.

Here are the cautions:

If 1. Develop and comply with equipment operating procedures.
Strictly follow the equipment operation process. Check the safety of the system before starting up. Timely maintain the machine.
So 2. Fire extinguishing equipment must be available on site.
A fire extinguisher should be provided next to the laser cutting machine. The operator should fully understand its location and master the method of use.
If 3. The location of the laser cutting machine is managed as a hazardous area.
Set up a warning sign next to the machine.

if 4. Fatigue and drink operation are strictly prohibited.

There is a greater risk of using laser processing equipment such as laser cutting machines. If you are negligent and insane, it is very likely to cause danger.
if 5. Direct viewing of the laser beam is strictly prohibited. Wear protective goggles and clothing.
Laser energy can damage to the cornea or retina. The operator of the laser machine or the person who is close to the laser during the trial period should wear appropriate protective glasses as much as possible.
So 6. Properly handle damaged optical accessories.
Focus lens, retroreflector and their coating will produce toxic substances. when handling them, people need wear latex gloves. Never touch with bare hands, hand it over to a professional agency.

Hope these information is helpful for you.

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Sales Manager:Anne Zhang