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Laser marking machines manufacturer- XTLASER

Laser marking machines manufacturer,  XTLASER, also supplies laser welding machines and service for those machine.
Fiber laser marking machine like 20 watt, 30 watt, 50 watt, 60 watt fiber lasers and 100 watt, can mark on all the metal.
Co2 lasers can mark all kinds of organic materials .

Laser applications:

For example,

like car spare parts marking, promotional items marking, medical instruments marking,  and laser colour marking on stainless steel, all kinds of metals, steel, aluminium, gold, silver, plastic animal ear tags, guns and spare parts etc.

That is to say, all the metal, and organic materialas.

Laser marking machines manufacturer XTLASER supply fiber lasers as oem, table type and with cabinet.

We also apply different automation to lasers.

AS XTLASER Laser marking machines manufacturer, we have been established in 2004, our group is dealing with lasers 16 years.

Types of fiber lasers: OEM System fiber laser marking machine

laser marking machine


Laser marking machines manufacture

Laser marking machines manufacture

In conclusion,  xtlaser in laser marking machine manufacturer, can provide all kinds of laser marking machines.

XTLASER is at the top of our game and is the best.

Therefor, you get the best equipment, and you keep it well-maintained.

As a result,  you can make the product at a good price and great quality.