Answers to the common problems of laser cutting machine-Cathy


common problemsWhat is the working principle of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting can illuminate the workpiece with high power density laser beam,to make the workpiece rapidly melt, vaporize, abate or reach the point of ignition, at the same time, the high-speed airflow will blow out the molten material by  which is coaxial with the beam to the workpiece, through moving light spot position by the CNC mechanical system to cut workpiece.

Is laser cutter operating dangerous?

Laser cutting is an environmental friendly cutting method and has no harm to our body. Compare with ion cutting and oxygen cutting, laser cutting produces less dust, light and noise. While if you don’t follow the proper operation method, it can also cause personal injury or machine damage.

1.Beware of flammable materials when using machine. Laser cutting machine also can not cut some materials, including foaming core material, all the PVC materials, high reflective material and so on.

2.In the machine working process, the operator can not leave to avoid unnecessary losses.

3.Don’t stare at the laser cutting processing. Don’t observe the laser beams through binoculars, microscope or magnifying glasses, it’s very dangerous to human eyes.

4.Do not put explosive or flammable materials in the laser processing area.

Which factors could effect the precision of laser cutting machine?

There are many factors can affect the laser cutting accuracy. The equipment itself will cause some factors too, such as mechanical system precision, table vibration level, laser beam quality, auxiliary gas, nozzle etc, some factors are inherent material factors, such as the physical and chemical properties of materials , the reflectivity of the material, etc. Operator can adjust the other factors like parameters based on the specific processing object and the user’s quality requirements, such as output power, focal position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas etc.