How To Use Rotary Device Of Laser Marking Machine-Anne

How To Use Rotary Device Of Laser Marking Machine

As we know,fiber laser marking machine also can use rotary device.It is mainly for round products,like pipe,rings ect.

However,how to use fiber laser machine rotary parameter.Now XT laser will introduce to you.

1.The workpieces clamp  should be vertical to the chuck.

laser marking machine

2.Then input the text on software

laser marking machine

3.set rotary parameter  Laser-rotate textmark-Para ,actual diameter of work pieces.

laser marking machine

laser marking machine

4.Then test light -mark

laser marking machine

These all step can help you know how to operation laser machine rotary.

Hope it is helpful for you.If you have any confused of machine ,welcome to contact to XT LASER

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