Can metal laser cutter cut high-reflective materials?-Anne

Can metal laser cutter cut high-reflective materials?

At present, in addition to stainless steel and carbon steel, the metal processing industry also has a relatively wide demand for copper and aluminum.

When purchasing fiber laser cutting machine, many customers will ask whether they can cut aluminum, copper and other high-reflective materials.
So what is high-reflective materials, how to judge it?

1. Resistivity judgment

The most conductive material is high-reflective material. The smaller the resistivity, the better the conductivity; the larger the resistivity, the worse the conductivity.

Among common steels, the resistivity is increased by carbon steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensite and austenitic stainless steel.

2. Judging by the surface structure

If the surface of the material is very smooth, the absorption rate of the laser is small, it is a high anti-material.
It should be noted that if the surface is too smooth (even if it is not a high anti material under normal conditions), it is also a high anti material for laser processing.

3. Judging by surface condition

If its surface temperature is different, under the same laser irradiation conditions, its absorption rate of the laser is also different.
Generally speaking, when the temperature is high or the surface is liquid, the absorption rate of the laser is higher; the surface of the material is low temperature or solid, and the absorption rate is usually lower than the liquid state.

4. Judging by the laser output wavelength

In fact, everyone knows that high-reflective materials are very important in laser processing.

However, many types of laser technology are affected by materials. Sometimes it will cause unstable operation and destructive automatic shutdown during processing. Even there will cause great damage to the laser, which invisibly shortens the life of the laser.

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