It’s important for laser cutting machine operators to master their processing routes

It’s important for laser cutting machine operators to master their processing routes
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Laser cutting machine use is a lot of skills, master the correct use of the laser cutting machine in order to get twice the result with half the effort, for the laser cutting machine processing route, this may be a lot of people do not know very well, but this is the point that each operator must be familiar with, what is the processing route of the laser cutting machine, and how to choose the processing route of the laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting machine processing route refers to the laser cutting process in the laser cutting head of the trajectory and direction, to determine the processing route, first of all, to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and the quality of the cutting surface, but also need to consider the value of the processing route of the length of the tool is not conducive to the trend of the laser’s efficiency and other issues. Laser cutting machine for some of the workpiece with holes then the accuracy requirements will be higher, determine the processing route should also pay attention to the positioning of the hole, you can use a single convergence positioning method, to avoid the traditional system of backlash error on the positioning of the workpiece accuracy impact, in the processing of rectangular groove, the tool, whether it is cut out or cut in, should be away from the corners of the rectangle, to avoid the tool in the corners to leave a notch. Laser cutting machine processing route also need to consider these points: first of all, to reduce the time in and out to time and other auxiliary time. In milling the contour of the parts, the use of smooth milling, so as to see the small machine caries vibration, reduce the surface roughness of the parts, improve machining accuracy. Regarding the position of entering and exiting to the position and the position of stopping the knife in the middle, we should avoid the parts selected in the unimportant position. The route of laser processing is generally first outside and then inside. Planning a good processing route is a very important thing, a good processing route can increase the cutting efficiency, save processing time, can bring benefits for the enterprise. Laser cutting machine programming, the amount of cutting for each process needs to be determined by the programmer, because the processing method is different, the amount of cutting is also different, if the amount of cutting is not appropriate, it will directly affect the wear and tear of the tool, the service life of the machine tool, as well as the quality of the processed workpieces and the efficiency of the production and other issues.
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