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How to choose laser cutting machine manufacturers

How to choose laser cutting machine manufacturers
Selection of laser cutting machine manufacturers agreed to verify the inspection in many ways
In the vast metal processing market there is no lack of buy a laser cutting machine but no practical solution to the problem of the boss, buy a bad quality laser cutting machine, often maintenance, manufacturers do not care, so a waste of money and waste of effort, but also spoiled the mood. Therefore, the purchase of laser cutting machine selected by the manufacturer is particularly important, then how to choose the laser cutting machine manufacturers? How to distinguish between high-quality laser cutting machine manufacturers?
Whether there is a laser cutting machine production qualification
Laser cutting machine as an industry-specific equipment, its manufacturers need to have production qualifications. Specifically, you can check online whether the enterprise belongs to the laser industry, whether the scope of business and laser cutting machine related, and the production of laser cutting machine is certified by the relevant departments.
Whether they have their own laser cutting machine brand
High-quality laser cutting machine manufacturers have their own brand, after all, the brand for an enterprise but the face of the image, but also for the channel of many customers, a good brand will have a good reputation, you can let the enterprise go further, this is the excellent enterprise unchanging truth.
Laser cutting machine products through the certification standards
As mentioned above, to verify the relevant qualifications, now the laser cutting machine needs to pass the third-party testing and certification, such as ISO (ISO9001 certification), CE (European Union safety certification) and so on. “Unlicensed” laser cutting machine and its manufacturers can not guarantee the quality.
Whether they have their own patented technology
As a high-quality laser cutting machine manufacturers, should be based on market demand for continuous innovation, has its own patented technology, not only the quality assurance of the product, but also the embodiment of the strength of the manufacturer.
Whether they have their own production workshop
Unlike those numerous and chaotic, inconsistent quality, from all over the take the goods from the “manufacturers”, the real quality manufacturers is to have their own production plant, each laser cutting machine from the selection, production to sales can be guaranteed.
Whether to provide quality after-sales service
The market price is ridiculously low to the laser cutting machine, sold out on the do not care, do not do brand, do not do repeat business these so-called “manufacturers”, can be described as black hearted manufacturers, after-sales service is not more to say. The real quality of the manufacturers to provide services from the technical explanation, installation services, door-to-door maintenance, product warranty and other aspects of protection of customer rights and interests, maintenance of customer relations.

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