Introduction of the machine and how to choose a suitable high-quality machine-XTlaser-Mary

Introduction of the machine and how to choose a suitable high-quality machine-XTlaser-Mary

Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry

Introdution of the machine and how to choose hoose a suitable high quality machine.- XTlaser-Mary

Here are some explanations:

About our fiber laser cutting machine. There are two kinds of bed, plate welding and pipe welding, 1500*3000 work surface, commonly used aluminum profile and aluminized profile, CNC system we often use FSCUT. Guide rail comes standard with HIWIN.Rack and pinion standard configuration YYC/T-WIN. Motors include Yaskawa and Fuji. A machine has the advantages of a machine.

Then we choose a fiber laser cutting machine. The product that suits us is a good product, not blindly. Pursue expensive, brand-name machines, knowing that the machine that suits us is a good machine. According to what we need, for example, we need a machine with detailed workmanship. We will choose the power according to the cutting material and the thickness of the material. We will also choose the working format according to the area of our factory and the size of materials.

Of course, some advantages of the machine will also attract us, such as the right price and novel functions, and whether it is safe or not. Safety is also a very important factor.

Productivity and usage time are also important considerations. Everyone wants a long-term return on their investment.

Of course, we also want the machine manufacturer to evaluate, consult from service to quality. And finally decide which manufacturer’s machine should be introduced. Service and after-sales service is also an aspect we need to pay attention to.

Expensive machinery must be expensive for a reason. High configuration and high quality service must be directly proportional to the price. We have to believe that you get what you pay for.


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