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Handheld model fiber laser cleaning machine

Handheld model fiber laser cleaning machine product features

1. We are the first manufacturer of  high power fiber laser cleaner.

2. It doesn’t  contact cleaning to avoid secondary pollution.

3. It has high cleaning precision and strong control ability.

4. It has no consumables, more environmental.

5. It is easy operation, just working with electric, can be handheld  or equip with robot arm.

6. It is efficient and saving time.

7. It has steady system and high life span.

Characteristics of cleaning head

1. It is small size and light weight, easy to use.

2. The front-end support frame can realize accurate cleaning, and complete the cleaning work on the focal plane as a whole.

3. The line width of the laser cleaning light and the swing speed of the galvanometer can be adjusted by the button on the head of the hand-held gun.

4. The laser cleaning gun head is made of aluminum profile, with high anti vibration stability.

Comparison of  XT laser cleaning head and Sino cleaning head

1. Sino cleaning head is large size and high weight.

2. The lens coating effect of Sino cleaning head is poor, and the temperature is difficult to control.

3. It has no anti reflection ability.

4. It isn’t nice-looking.

So we recommend you handheld fiber laser cleaning machine.