The most important point to delay fiber laser cutting machine aging speed-Bunny

With the development of social productivity. Fiber laser cutting machine has quickly occupied a place in the market by virtue of its good cutting quality. High speed and high efficiency, which has brought great development opportunities to all walks of life.

Fiber laser cutting machines have helped the users to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce material waste. And accelerate new product development cycles. This has made fiber laser cutting machines one of the core processing tools of the industry. However, the machine is also alive, and there will be problems of aging and high energy exhaustion. If properly maintained, the life and effectiveness of the equipment will increase significantly. So, how should we delay the aging speed of the optical laser cutting machine? XTlaser will teach you how to extend the life of the fiber laser cutting machine in two of the most important aspects.

Laser selection and maintenance

fiber laser cutting machine

We all know that lasers are the headpiece of fiber laser cutting machines. Its quality directly affects the overall performance of the fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, if the quality of the laser itself is problematic. Or there is a problem such as aging, it is inevitable to accelerate the aging of the fiber cutting device. Therefore, when choosing a laser, you must be extra cautious. In addition, it is especially important to strengthen the maintenance of the laser. It is inevitable that the power of the laser will decrease after working for a period of time. Therefore, we only need to do the maintenance work on weekdays. And try to keep the function of the laser at a standard.

Environmental problems of fiber laser cutting machine

The environment in which the fiber laser cutting machine use, such as temperature, dust, etc., will affect the life of the cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machines have certain working environment requirements on the temperature. If the ambient temperature is too high, it will cause a crash and slow response.

Excessive ambient temperature can cause damage to the air pipe and cable, which can easily cause breakage and air leakage. Therefore, controlling the peripheral temperature of the fiber laser cutting machine is one of the key factors to delay the life of the cutting machine. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine generates a large amount of metal dust during cutting. These metal dust and dust in the air adhere to the fiber cutting device, which will increase the wear between the various components of the device. Besides that the attached dust will also affect the transmittance of the focusing lens. The indirect influence on the cutting precision of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Finally, XTlaser want to tell you that machine aging is an unstoppable trend after the machine is used for a long time. How to do well protection and delay aging is the key we need to pay attention to later. XTlaser reminds the vast number of laser cutting users, while doing the maintenance of cutting equipment. But also must be neglected on the various faults and problems that the laser has to appear. It is necessary to communicate with professional technicians in a timely manner. And take active and effective means to keep the device in good condition.