Introduction and characteristics of UV laser marking machine-June

Introduction and characteristics of UV laser marking machine

Introduction and characteristics of UV laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine mainly engraves metal and hard plastic, has high thermal effect, and has poor marking effect on heat-sensitive products such as film, UV silica gel and glass. Even the laser of 1064 nm wavelength is not absorb by these materials. This led to the development of UV laser marking equipment.

The UV laser marking machine belongs to the cold source laser of the laser marking machine. Mainly used for ultra-fine marking, suitable for food, medical packaging materials, glass, plastic silicone and other coding, lettering, the following is the introduction of Xintian Technology on UV laser marking machine:

Main introduction of UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine uses an ultraviolet laser with a wavelength of 355 nm. The focused spot is extremely small and the processing heat is minimal. It is mainly use for ultra-fine marking and punching. The principle of marking is to quickly break the molecular chain of a substance by a short-wavelength laser, thereby revealing a deep substance, and the grain direction forms a pattern and a character. QR code. Compared with optical fiber and co2 laser marking machine, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has very low thermal effect and the laser is blue, so it is also called “blue laser marking machine”. This kind of glare, direct blue light, will feel dazzled. It takes ten minutes to recover.

UV laser marking machine features

Firstly, the laser marking machine has a non-reproducible advantage over the traditional inkjet printing process;
Secondly, without consumables, the laser will notify the photoelectric conversion effect;
Thirdly, the laser beam has a fine diameter, is small in consumption by the processing material, and can be engrave with a minimum character height of 0.3 mm and a minimum character width of 0.03 mm;
Fourth, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is a cold source laser with low laser power and high cost. It can use for printing on non-metallic materials. It is generally use for engraving heat-sensitive materials.
Finally, the UV laser marking machine is suitable for processing materials with wider range, high efficiency and low power consumption.