How to Select Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Xintian Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of the fiber laser cutting machine industry in recent years, the selectivity and requirements of bosses of major small and medium-sized enterprises have become increasingly widespread, pursuing various characteristics such as efficiency, automation, power saving, and intelligence. So for selecting fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, it is first necessary to clarify what are our main characteristics and specifically where they are used. Choose only the right ones, not the expensive ones.

Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machines: Fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly used in various industries. It can be used for both flat cutting and bevel cutting, with neat and smooth edges, suitable for high-precision cutting of metal plates and other materials. Additionally, the mechanical arm can perform 3D cutting instead of the original imported five axis laser. Compared to ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machines, it saves more space and gas consumption, has a high photoelectric conversion rate, and is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. The products are mainly used in industries such as metal processing, sheet metal processing, chassis and cabinets, kitchen hardware, automotive parts, and mechanical manufacturing.

Based on different advantages and characteristics, fiber laser cutting machines can leverage their advantages in different industries and cutting materials, helping small and medium-sized enterprises solve many substantive problems. The purchase and selection of fiber laser cutting machines should refer to the following aspects:

1. Parameter priority

In today’s market situation, regardless of the size of products, there is always competition for parameters, such as the power, weight, volume, format size, etc. of fiber laser cutting machines. This is a parameter war that catches up with each other. In the fiber laser cutting machine industry, some manufacturers boast that their products have good parameters, high penetration, and significant negative effects. In terms of technological expansion, this is beyond reproach, as product technology is indeed improving bit by bit, but relying on these small parameter advantages to mislead consumers is not worth advocating in the entire industry.

2. Priority given to establishment time

For newly established sales companies, careful consideration is needed because they do not yet have the ability to take on high risks, and after-sales service is in place and still needs to be tested. But it’s not that the earlier a company is established, the better, or the later a company is established, the better. There’s no absolute, the key is to discern and examine it yourself.

3. Priority for case customers

If a fiber laser cutting machine supplier cannot provide their username list, it can fully demonstrate their insufficient strength. If possible, it is best to ask the seller to provide customer case contracts. It depends on whether the security inspection equipment provided by the seller has a qualified testing report or certification certificate, which is the quality of the product you are purchasing and does not include relevant after-sales service.

4. Value First

A salesperson once asked the boss, “There is a small company in the market that has a very low price for fiber laser cutting machines. What should we do?” The boss asked in response, “Since this company is so powerful, why has it always been a small company, but we are a big company?” At the beginning of its establishment, a small enterprise selling fiber laser cutting machines became a basic marketing strategy, because it needs to survive, and low prices can bring certain benefits to small enterprises, But this is not a long-term solution, without the support of profits, where can after-sales service and continuous innovation come from.

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