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Xintian Laser Cutting Machine

Metal cutting machines are indispensable equipment in some light industry industries. Traditionally, a cutting machine is a machine that uses the force of machine motion to pressurize the cutting die and cut and process materials. Modern metal material cutting machines have undergone some changes, and laser advanced technology has begun to be used in metal material cutting technology. However, people still classify these equipment as cutting machine equipment.

What is a metal cutting machine

The English name of a metal cutting machine is Metal Cutting Machine, which is a processing machine used for punching various metal materials in industrial production. Used for sheet metal processing, cutting materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel; Perforation and irregular cutting of metal pipe fittings, cutting of galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, and other alloy materials (depending on the effect of the material cutting machine), and cutting of other metal and some plastic materials.

The names of metal material cutting machines vary in different regions

This type of machine is matched with many different titles according to local customs. In foreign countries, people call it a cutting machine; In Taiwan, people refer to it as a cutting machine based on the coincidence between its English translation and Chinese meaning; In Hong Kong, people call it beer machine according to its function; In mainland China, people refer to it as a cutting machine based on its purpose. In the coastal areas of China, there are also corresponding terms for this product. For example, Guangdong calls it a cutting machine, Fujian calls it a punch, Wenzhou calls it a blanking machine, Shanghai calls it a cutting machine, and some places call it a cutting machine, a punching machine, a shoe machine, and so on. All these terms naturally form the keyword for the cutting machine. In fact, most people still habitually refer to it as a cutting machine.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Cutting Materials

The application of fiber laser cutting machines has greatly improved the efficiency of sheet metal forming. Generally speaking, sheet metal forming requires many processes, including cutting, punching, and bending forming. As the most important process, cutting and cutting is of great importance.

There are three traditional cutting methods: shearing machine cutting, laser cutting, and punch cutting. Below, we will introduce the advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine cutting based on these three cutting methods.

1. Shearing machine cutting, also known as shearing machine cutting, refers to the use of the shearing machine to cut out the overall dimensions of the unfolded drawing, such as length and width. If there are holes or corners to be punched or cut, the machine is then combined with the mold to form them.

2. Laser cutting is the use of laser cutting to cut the structural shape of a flat piece on an iron plate.

3. Punch cutting is the process of using a punch to separate parts into one or more steps on a sheet metal to form a flat structure.

The fiber laser cutting machine uses the high heat of the laser to melt and vaporize the sheet metal, and forms cutting seams through CNC control to achieve the purpose of cutting and cutting. The advantages of laser cutting are simple operation, high accuracy, fast cutting, and high efficiency. In addition, beyond the limitations of cutting patterns, automatic layout saves materials, smooth cuts, and low processing costs, fiber laser cutting machines will gradually improve or replace traditional cutting and cutting equipment.

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