How to improve the cutting efficiency of metal laser cutting machines?

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We all know that fiber optic laser cutting machines are mostly used for metal cutting. Due to their faster cutting efficiency than traditional processes, metal laser cutting machines have gained market favor. How can we improve the cutting efficiency of metal laser cutting machines?

1. The higher the output power of the laser, the better the cutting quality on boards of the same thickness. The higher the fit between the laser cutting mode and the material, the better the cutting quality.

2. Only when the focus of laser cutting is aligned can the accuracy and precision of the cutting meet the requirements.

3. Laser cutting is suitable for cutting thin plates. The cutting effect is obvious for carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm, with the best quality and guaranteed efficiency. For example, when the material thickness is less than 1mm, the material incision is extremely smooth.

4. No matter what type of material is cut by laser, if the cutting speed and material fit can be achieved to the best extent, then the cutting effect is the best at this time. Both too fast and too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.

5. The higher the pressure, the higher the purity of the gas, the less residue the material adheres to, and the smoother the cutting edge. The cutting speed and effect vary depending on the type of gas. Generally speaking, oxygen has the fastest cutting speed, nitrogen has the best cutting effect, and air has the lowest cutting cost.

6. Generally speaking, the smoother the surface of the material, the better the quality of the cutting. Laser, through independent research and development, has an automatic sensing system that can automatically adjust the height of the cutting head according to different thicknesses of materials.

Set up accurate cutting procedures according to the requirements of the processing technology.

The fiber laser cutting machine also needs to be well maintained on a daily basis. In daily work, it is also necessary to strengthen understanding and continuous learning of various aspects of the machine, so that if there are small problems in the future, they can be solved with the fastest speed, so that maintenance can be carried out properly and the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine can be longer. This will also help the fiber laser cutting machine cut patterns of different shapes, which requires the laser cutting machine to set the optimal cutting program according to different cutting processes during operation to carry out the work. As a cutting-edge cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machines can often be efficient and high-quality in cutting metal sheets or pipes.

In addition, in order to maximize the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine, we also need to operate it accurately and properly maintain the fiber laser cutting machine.

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