How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works? (II)-Serena

How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works? (II)

It is inevitable for users to face with some frequently-asked questions when laser cutting machine works. Let me tell you how to fix these questions easily.

IV. Laser output is weak after laser cutting machines work for a period of time

Please check whether focal length changes first, then, inspect the pollution state of focusing lens and whether laser path has any deviation. The most important thing is to check whether water circulation is smooth,  because laser cutting heat will disappear quickly only when the above circulation is good. In addition, it will be better if you purchasing laser cutting machines that offer high laser-conversion efficiency.

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V. Abnormal sparks while cutting thin carbon steel sheets
As we all know, cutting sparks are usually long and even with less split while cutting thin carbon steel sheets. Abnormal sparks will certainly affect the smoothness and quality of workpiece surface. At this moment, nozzle depreciation shall be blamed for that if other parameters are within normal range. Please replace the nozzle, otherwise, increase the cutting gas pressure.

When screw thread between nozzle and laser cutting head becomes loose, please stop cutting to check the connection status of laser cutting head and thread up the screw.

VI. Piercing-through failure

Generally speaking, laser cutting machines adopt the pattern of blast piercing and pulse piercing. In view of better piercing quality of the latter, HSG prefers to the pulse piercing. During actual cutting, the piercing speed and quality are usually affected by machine power, focal length, nozzle position, cutting gas pressure, etc. Any improper handling may give rise to poor-quality piercing. In such case, you may change above cutting parameters, or adjust laser power, that is, change pulse width and frequency.

VII. Out-of-shape round hole or straight line

First of all, you need to check whether laser cutting control software is in normal work. Specific practice is to draw a straight line and observe whether laser cutting head moves in a straight line, so as to judge whether software should answer for that. Besides, the looseness degree of mechanical structure will also be detected. After that, you need to confirm whether this problem is caused by ultra-high laser energy.

To be specific, you must observe the cutting edges. Normally, they are smooth and flat. If so, please lower the laser power or frequency parameters. Another uncommon reason lies in the focusing lens distortion in laser cutting head, at this moment, please check whether laser beam is intensive and whether concentricity is qualified.

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