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How to Fix FAQ When Laser Cutting Machine Works?

It is inevitable for users to face with some frequently-asked questions when laser cutting machines works. Let me tell you how to fix these questions easily.

I. Why protective lens are fast to be polluted

First of all, you need to confirm the type of pollutants. In general, pollutants include waste residues, oil stains, fine dust, water mist, other mixtures, etc.

1. Waste residues

The reason why cutting waste residues spray on protective lens is that relevant parameters fail to be set correctly. In such case, please change the laser cutting or piercing parameters, such as, follow-up height, cutting pressure, laser pulse parameters and so on.

2. Oil stains or fine dust

The reason is that auxiliary gas or its flow pipeline has been pollute. Please use filtering device to filter out the oil or fine dust.

3. Water mist

The excessive temperature differentials shall be blam for that. In other words, protective lens are likely to meet moisture condensation under too high ambient temperature and too low cutting gas temperature. At this moment, please narrow the temperature difference as far as possible.

II. How to deal with the overheating nozzle when laser cutting machine works?

As the power of laser device increases, the high-power vaporization cutting is increasingly popular in thick sheets in order to ensure the high cutting speed and brightness of cross section. At this moment, small nozzle is require.

Reasons of nozzle overheating when cutting carbon steel:

1. The cutting gas flow is too small to cool coppery nozzle down. Please use high-pressure nitrogen as auxiliary gas because it performs well in cooling effects.

2. Nozzle cooling gas is not in use. The nozzle heating quantity can be relieved by above cooling gas.

3. High-focus cutting is likely to affect and overheat the small nozzle. Please change the focus or enlarge the nozzle caliber before nozzle gets hot.

4. Oxidizing reaction while cutting carbon steel may give rise to a lot of heat. Though it is inevitable, you may change the distance from nozzle to materials.

III.Laser cutting machines don’t work after turning on

In general, the reason lies in the power input or output. You may check the power supply and inspect whether protective tube is burned or power switch is out of order, or you can replace them with high-quality products.

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