12kw cutter choose XTlaser – Damon

12kw cutter choose XTlaser – In the past, it is inconceivable to hear that overseas customers drift across the  sea to buy 12kw ultra high fiber laser cutting equipment made in China. But nowadays, with the development of technology, China’s industrial manufacturing has reached the international leading level. Advantage resources make Chinese manufacturing in overseas markets establish a foothold in the world.

12kw cutter choose XTlaser – XT Laser focuses on global market, follow the production needs of users. Purchasing this laser cutting equipment mainly processing carbon steel and stainless sheet. Production scale is huge. And in the global sales network layout, comprehensive processing strength and brand reputation are obvious to all. We got this response when we learned in depth from our customers why choose XTlaser.

In the beginning, the company wants to enlarge and develop its industry around the world, boost its market occupation rate. And it seeks more efficiency solutions for metal processing. After understanding the powerful performance of the laser cutting machine, the customer conducted comprehensive inspections and strict selection of many laser equipment manufacturers around the world in terms of production scale, equipment performance, sales and services, and finally chose XT Laser.

After long-term use of the equipment, it still has stable operating performance. And it can bring good production benefits. That have made our customer further approved the manufacturing strength of XT Laser. Our customer determines to introduce another 12000W Ultra-High Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of XT Laser, from then on, starting the over-speed production mode of metal thick plates.

        Quality comes first, Efficiency comes first.

Our customer purchasing this XT-G Pro Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has been nearly half a year. He said, this 12kw laser cutting equipment not only provides us with the convenience of processing technology. Also greatly laid out the benefits of metal processing thanks to the efficiency and stable operating of the equipment. Productivity is twice as high as previous processing. Production needs can be met by this equipment, both in terms of the accuracy and speed of the cutting sheet.

        Stable cutting, Double capacity.

10kw ultra-high sheet fiber laser cutting machine OR-H are deeply preferred by users at home and abroad, this is attributed to its cutting performance. The equipment has a variety of cutting formats, which can meet different sizes of sheet cutting needs of users. Equipped with a 10kw special laser cutting head, stable cutting and without precision errors, the maximum moving speed can reach 140m/min, smooth cutting surface without burrs, partition dust removal, large surround sheet metal cover and other configuration ensured the production safety of operating workers, accuracy, stability, and efficiency cutting achieving metal processing double capacity.