How to adjust the light path of laser cutting machine

Xintian Laser-laser cutting machine
Laser cutting is to focus the laser beam into a small spot and project it on the metal surface through the focusing lens. The focus reaches high power density. At this time, the irradiated part of the material is rapidly heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporated to form holes. It moves in a straight line with the light beam relative to the material, making the hole continuously form a narrow slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.

    When the laser cutting machine works for a long time, it will produce light path deviation and affect the cutting effect. Only the perfect combination of laser tube, reflector frame, focusing lens and corresponding adjustment device can achieve the best effect and produce the best products. This is the core part of using laser cutting machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust the optical path regularly.
    Components and structures.

    1. Light target placement frame 2 Reflector 3. Tension spring locking screw 4 Adjusting screw 5. Adjusting nut 6 Locking screw a 7 Locking screw b 8 Adjusting screw M1 9 Mirror lock 10 Adjusting screw M 11. Adjusting screw M2 12 Tension spring 13. reflector mounting plate 14 Support plate 15. Base
      Reflector frame B (its mounting base plate is different from frame A, and other mounting base plates are the same)
    2. Install the base plate (movable left and right)
    3. Tighten the screws
      Mirror base C.
    4. Rear view mirror adjusting plate 2 Reflector 3. Locking screw 4 Adjusting screw M1 5 Mirror adjusting plate 6. Mirror pressing plate 7 Adjusting screw M 8 Locking screw 9 Adjusting screw M2
      Focus lens.
    5. Focusing lens inner cylinder 2 Intake pipe 3 Limit coil 4 Air nozzle transition sleeve 5 Air nozzle 6 Lens barrel 7 Stop screw 8 Adjusting sleeve
      Knowing the name of each component, let’s teach you how to adjust the light path of the laser cutting machine:
      Four light path adjustment
      (1) When adjusting the first lamp, stick the light-blocking paper on the dimming target hole of the reflector, manually jog the lamp (note that the power should not be too high at this time), fine-tune the reflector base and the laser tube bracket to make the light hit the center of the target hole, and note that the light cannot be blocked.
      (2) Adjust the second light, move reflector B to the remote control, use a piece of cardboard to emit light from near to far, and guide the light into the cross light target. Because the high beam is in the target, the near end must be in the target, and then adjust the consistency of the near end and far end light spot, that is, how far the near end deviates, and how far the far end will follow, so that the intersection point in the near end and far end light spot is at the same position, that is, far is, indicating that the light path is parallel to the Y-axis guide rail.
      (3) Adjust the third lamp (note: the cross divides the light spot into two halves), move the reflector to the far end, guide the light into the light target, take photos at the entry end and the far end respectively, and adjust the position of the cross to the same position in the light spot at the near end, indicating that the beam is parallel to the X axis. At this time, whether the light path is in or out, it is necessary to loosen or tighten the screws on the frame until it is divided into two halves.
      (4) For the adjustment of the fourth light, stick a piece of Meiwen paper on the light outlet, make the light outlet leave a circular mark on the adhesive tape, click the light, take off the adhesive tape to observe the position of the small hole, and adjust the mirror surface according to the situation. Screw on the frame until the light point is round and positive.

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