How to check the performance of laser cutting machine

XT Laser-laser cutting machine

How to check the performance of laser cutting machines is a problem for most customers who buy or plan to buy machines. What aspects should we check the quality of the laser cutting machine? Generally, it is divided into five aspects.

1. The cutting shall be smooth without stripes and brittle fracture. When the metal laser cutting machine cuts thick plates at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the incision below the vertical laser beam, but will be sprayed out behind the laser beam. As a result, curved lines are formed on the cutting edge, which closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the laser cutting machine of Xintian Laser reduces the feed speed at the end of the cutting process, which can greatly eliminate the formation of lines.

2. The width of the slit is narrow, which is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot. Generally speaking, the cutting width of metal laser cutting machine does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width has an important impact only when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the part. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum inner diameter of the profile. With the increase of the plate thickness, the cutting width also increases accordingly. Therefore, the same high accuracy should be guaranteed. No matter how large the cutting width is, the workpiece should be constant in the processing area of the laser cutting machine.

3. The perpendicularity of the slit is good, and the heat affected zone is small. Generally speaking, metal laser cutting machines mainly focus on the processing of materials below 5MM, and the verticality of the cross section may not be the most important evaluation factor, but for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm, the verticality of the cutting edge is very important. When you leave the focus, the laser beam will diverge, and the cutting will expand to the top or bottom according to the position of the focus. The cutting edge deviates several millimeters from the vertical line. The more vertical the edge is, the higher the cutting quality is.

4. No material burning, no molten layer formation, no large slag formation. The slag of metal laser CNC cutting machine is mainly reflected in the deposits and section burrs. Material deposition is due to a special layer of oily liquid on the surface of the workpiece before laser cutting is melted and perforated. Gasification and various materials do not need to be blown down and cut by the customer, but the upward or downward discharge will also form sediment on the surface. The formation of burr is a very important factor to determine the quality of laser cutting. Because the removal of burr requires additional work, the severity and quantity of burr can directly determine the cutting quality.

5. Conduct rough electroplating on the cutting surface, and the size of surface roughness is the key to measure the quality of laser cutting surface. In fact, for the metal laser cutting machine, the texture of the cutting section has a direct relationship with the roughness. The section texture with poor cutting performance will directly lead to higher roughness. However, considering the differences in the causes of the two different effects, the processing quality of the metal laser numerical control cutting machine is generally analyzed separately. The laser cutting part will form a vertical line. The depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the line, the smoother the cut. Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, but also affects the friction characteristics. In most cases, it is best to minimize the roughness, so the lighter the grain, the better the cutting quality.

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