How about domestic laser cutting machines

XT Laser Cutting Machine

Is a domestic laser cutting machine inferior to an imported laser cutting machine? Domestic laser cutting machines are of low quality, while imported laser cutting machines are of good quality. Domestic laser cutting machines, which have grown with the development of manufacturing in China, have already occupied a large proportion of the market share. Many people do not believe in domestic equipment, and some have questions about what domestic laser cutting machines are like, which ones are good, and what are the top domestic laser cutting brands with the continuous strength of manufacturing in China, More and more people are gaining recognition from the world, not only in terms of national strength, but also in the past, Chinese manufacturing, which was famous for its copycat products, has gained global attention.

The same phenomenon also exists in industrial fields such as laser equipment. Laser cutting machines are technology imported from European and American countries, so when choosing laser cutting machines, many users always worry about the poor quality of the equipment produced by domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers. But is an imported laser cutting machine necessarily better than a domestic laser cutting machine? Years ago, the answer may have been yes. However, in recent years, with the expansion of the application scope of laser cutting machines, there has been significant progress in the production and research and development technology of domestic laser cutting machines. The concept that domestic laser cutting machines are inferior to imported ones is also time to change.

The core component of a laser cutting machine is the laser, which is also the most important component of the laser cutting machine price. For a long time, China’s high-power laser cutting machine equipment has relied on imported technology for pure assembly and production. The core components are vulnerable to human intervention. Laser cutting machines are expensive and have a long supply cycle, resulting in high prices for laser cutting machines. With the improvement of domestic laser manufacturers’ research and development capabilities, the trend of domestic lasers replacing imported ones is becoming increasingly significant, such as the fiber laser of XT Laser.

Fiber laser is a new type of solid-state laser that has recently developed internationally. It has advantages such as large heat dissipation area, good beam quality, and compact size. Compared with bulky solid-state lasers and gas lasers, it has obvious advantages and has gradually developed into an important candidate in high-precision laser processing, LiDAR systems, space technology, laser medicine, and other fields.

The XT fiber laser is independently developed by the product research and development center, with a team composed of senior laser experts and years of experience in laser research and development and productization. After years of technological reserves and accumulation, its key components and materials research and development, production, and other technologies are at a leading level in the industry.

In such a huge market, it can be imagined that domestic and foreign laser cutting machine production enterprises will face fierce competition. In a benign market competition, the ultimate winner is undoubtedly the enterprise that pays for the laser cutting machine. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine, enterprises cannot only see the advantages of foreign laser cutting equipment and ignore the advantages of domestic laser cutting machine equipment. Times are changing, and our thoughts must also change accordingly.

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