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At present, the price range of laser cutting machines on the market is wide, ranging from over 200000 to several hundred thousand or millions. So, how much is suitable for buying a laser cutting machine?

The price of laser cutting machines can generally be divided into four ranges:

High end laser cutting machine: over 2 million yuan, intelligent, automated, high-power, large format, high-quality, top configuration.

Medium high laser cutting machine: 600000-2 million yuan, intelligent, automated, high-power, large format, high-quality, and high-end.

Mid range laser cutting machine: 200000 to 600000 yuan, automated, high-power, large format, high-quality, medium configuration.

Low configuration laser cutting machine: 100000 to 200000 yuan, manual, medium to low power, low configuration

Low configuration laser cutting machine recommended not to buy

Many people will purchase cheap laser cutting machines without understanding them, and Han’s Superpower recommends that everyone purchase them with caution. Low configuration laser cutting machines have low configuration, short service life, unsatisfactory craftsmanship, poor after-sales service, and the possibility of false advertising. Improper use of low configuration laser cutting machines can easily cause accidents, and the gains and losses are not worth the losses. Some small manufacturers only launch equipment worth tens of thousands in order to compete in price wars and seize the market. In fact, while meeting user needs, the real manufacturing cost of laser cutting machines worth tens of thousands or even tens of thousands is not enough.

For general enterprises, it is recommended to choose a mid-range laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is the most common and commonly used metal forming equipment on the market today. Laser cutting machine is basically a computer that uses digital technology to process signals. It can segment the transmission signal through high-precision chips to control the equipment to work, The main reason why most enterprises choose mid range laser cutting machines is that medium configuration laser cutting machines can meet production needs and are also a relatively cost-effective solution.

The prices of laser cutting machines range from several hundred thousand to several million, how to choose?

1. Choose according to needs

Different customer needs are different. Some customers do rough machining and do not have high requirements for the quality of the processing. They can choose a more basic laser cutting machine to handle daily production. However, if customers require high precision, high quality, and high efficiency, and have higher functional requirements, they can choose to match a better laser cutting machine.

2. Just choose the right one based on the economic budget, without having to choose the expensive one

Just like when we buy a phone, ordinary phones can be used, and high-end phones can also be used. There is no need to blindly pursue expensive ones as good. The price of laser cutting machines is not cheap, and it is best to choose the one that can meet production needs within the economically permissible range.

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