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How About Air Cutting for fiber laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting is using a high-power density laser beam of a metal laser cutting machine to cut the material. A narrow slit composed of a series of holes comes into being with the moving of the laser beam to realize cutting. Air cutting is one of the processes of laser cutting held by a metal laser cutting machine. Do you know what is air cutting and what are its advantages?

However, some factors can affect the effect, such as temperature. Extreme cold can cause irreparable harm to the laser. So we need to pay attention to prevent the laser cutting machines from freezing in winter. Here are some tips we want to share.

Many people used to add lubricating oil to the screw. But if it is freezing in the winter, even with the oil, the machine cannot move fluently. So we need to raise the ambient temperature to solve this problem.

Fiber laser cutter
Fiber laser cutter

The most effective way is to improve heating facilities to keep the working environment temperature above zero. When the temperature drops below 0℃, the liquid water will condense into ice and expand. So it may harm the laser cutting machine.

In addition, try not to close the water cooler at night. Meanwhile, you can adjust the water temperature to 5~10℃. This method is able to keep the water from freezing by keeping it circulating.

Besides, we can also protect the laser cutting machine from the coolant side. We often replace the cooling water every day during the summer so as not to exceed the required temperature. But in the winter, many people forget to change the coolant. In fact, coolant also needs to be replaced in winter because dirty coolant can cause serious damage to the motor.

If the cooling water can keep circulating, there is no need to add antifreeze. However, if the power failure often happens or you don’t have the conditions to drain the coolant daily, the antifreeze will come in handy.

We need to add antifreeze proportionally to the cooling system. Antifreeze with a professional brand is better when you are choosing, in case of the impurities stuck in the laser cutting machine cause damage to the equipment. At the same time, the freezing point needs to be 5℃ lower than the minimum temperature of the operating environment.

It is worth noting that any antifreeze cannot wholly replace deionized water. We cannot use it for long periods throughout the year. We can clean the lines with deionized water or purified water after the winter, and use them as coolant. If it is on holidays or a long time during the power outage, it is also helpful to empty the water in the laser, water cooling machine, tool pipe.

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