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Laser cutting machine processing quality standard

What are the reasons for the power drop of the laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine processing quality evaluation standard

In the laser cutting process of general materials, due to the fast cutting speed, the thermal deformation of the parts is small,

and the dimensional accuracy of the cut parts mainly depends on the mechanical accuracy and control accuracy of the worktable of the laser cutting machine.

In the pulse laser cutting process, the high-precision cutting device and control technology are used,

and the dimensional accuracy can reach the um level.

There is no uniform standard for the quality evaluation of laser cutting in the world.

So far, there is no standard for laser cutting quality in our country.

The main basis for testing the quality of laser cutting is JIS and WES (welding specifications).

In CEN (European Standardization Agency) and ISO (International Standardization Agency) there are questions about the standardization of laser cutting.

The relevant ISO9000 series quality assurance methods mainly provided by EU have conducted research on laser cutting standards and standard sample regulations.

The contents include: cutting quality grade division, setting of standards for samples and processing samples,

optical systems, and price samples The model and beam characteristics of the machine.

For laser cutting processing, evaluating its processing quality mainly includes the following principles:

Firstly, Smooth cutting, no streaks, and no brittle fracture;

Secondly, The slit width is narrow, which is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot;

Thirdly, The cutting seam has good verticality and small heat-affected zone;

Forthly, No material burning, no molten layer formation, no large slag;

Fifthly, The surface roughness of the incision, the size of the surface roughness is the key to measure the surface quality of laser cutting.