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Reasons for the Errors of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Various reasons affect the geometric errors of the workpiece . The processed object’s surface is undulating. And heat is generated during the cutting process. It causes the surface of the thin plate part to deform. Due to the uneven surface, the focus point changes randomly with the processed object’s surface and the ideal position. Below are the reasons for the errors of metal laser cutting machine.

Application of laser cutter
  1. Excessive Cutting Material Thickness

Generally speaking, when the laser power is constant. The thinner the sheet is, the easier it is to cut, the better the quality. Take 3000 watts as an example, the thickness of the cutting board of the metal laser cutting machine is less than 20mm. If the sheet is thick, the metal laser cutting machine will be harder to cut. There will be errors in the processing under this condition. So it is necessary to determine whether the error is related to the sheet’s thickness.

  1. Laser Output Power isn’t Up to Standards

When the metal laser cutting machine is debugging. It is necessary to ensure that the laser output power reaches the standard. Generally. The higher the laser’s output power, the better the cutting quality on the same thickness of the plate.

  1. The Cut Sheet’s Roughness

The smoother the surface of the raw material, the better the quality of the cut.

  1. Inaccurate Focus Position

If not align the metal laser cutting machine’s focus . It will directly reduce the cutting accuracy, so it has to calibrate and checked before running. You can also choose a better-quality auto-focusing laser head when purchasing the machine to auto-focus to ensure cutting accuracy.

  1. Processing Speed

The laser cutting machine’s cutting speed will directly affect the processing accuracy. Therefore, before the operation, the cutting speed and the material consistency should reach the best condition.

For these random errors, this is inevitable. Only through online detection and control can the error be reduced, thereby improving the fiber laser cutting machine’s working accuracy. Focusing on innovative laser cutting equipment solutions for more than 15 years, XT laser is one of the most reliable laser cutting suppliers. We will conduct professional pre-delivery commissioning for the laser cutting machine before they leave the factory. And provides users with professional training after the equipment is placed. To help operators master equipment operation and maintenance related skills and to ensure stable processing of equipment.

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