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High Power laser cutting machine maintanance

Running cost of laser cutting machine:https://youtu.be/2wa_b3vnJeE

The high poower machinerunning cost includes 3 parts: electric power, auxiliary gas and spare parts.

  1. Electric power

For example, 3kw IPG 1530G (enclosed shuttle) model fiber laser cutter rated power about 34kw.

In conclusion, real machine running cost takes 60%~70%

of whole power, so the real electric power cost is 20.4-23.8kw/h.

You can check running cost according to this:

  1. Auxiliary gas consumption (Just FYI)

One gas tank is 40L in China.

1). Nitrogen consumption is the same for different thickness stainless steel and aluminum.

Its consumption of continue cutting is about 20~30min/tank.

2). Oxygen consumption will decline when carbon steel thickness increase.

The thicker the carbon steel, the less the gas consumption.

For example, 1mm carbon steel cutting gas consumption is about 50~60min/tank.

10mm carbon steel cutting gas consumption is about several hours/tank.

We recommend you use liquid gas, its cost will be much lower. Most of our customers use it.

Also some customer want to chose air compressor,if you interested,we can recommend you

some suppliers.

  1. High power machine quick wear parts

Main quick wear parts include nozzle and protective lens.

First year their consumption is about 20~30 pieces, but the cost will decline later.

As their consumption have big relationship with workers’ operation.

Nozzle 10USD/piece; Protective lens 15USD/piece.

So the cost of nozzle and protective lens is about 500USD the first year.(We will offer 10 nozzles for free.)

  1. Other parts.

Focus lens, collimating lens and ceramic rings are not common quick wear parts.

We recommend you to prepare 1 set for spare, their total cost is 320USD.

(二)How to ensure safety operation on high power fiber laser cutting machine

1. Please observe the general operation specification of high power fiber laser cutting machine. Start the

laser machine according to the starting procedure of operation specification.

2.Operators must be trained. Be familiar with equipment structure, performance, and knowledge

of fiber laser cutter machine operating system.

3.Wear protection articles and laser protective glasses in accordance with the regulations.

4.Operators are not allowed to leave during machine cutting.

5.Put the fire extinguisher within your reach. Turn off the laser source or turn off the machine

when the machine is not working. Do not place paper, cloth or other flammable material in the

vicinity of the laser beam.

6.Turn off the machine in time when founding an anomaly in the process of processing,

7.Keep the machine surrounding site tidy and orderly. Stack the workpiece, plate

and waste in

accordance with the regulations.

8.Observe the standard process when maintenance machine. Carry out machine


every 40 hours or every week, and every 1000 hours or

every six months, in accordance with

regulations and procedures.

9.Before the first time use, you should manually check X,

Y direction in low speed to confirm if

there is an abnormal situation.

10.Pay attention to the operation and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine. In this way we

can increase the service life of the equipment. Also save the cost and increase the benefit.

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