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High cutting power machine electrical connection

High cutting power circuit connection


The machine consists of multiple parts, and each part need to connect with electricity. Please make sure that the circuit of each part is connect with electical parts correctly. Incorrect connection may cause damage to the equipment.

1 High cutting power machine https://youtu.be/2wa_b3vnJeE connection of the main power cord of the device

  • The main power cord of the machine is a five-core cable. Which is connect with the electric cabinet of the bed using terminal blocks (as shown below). Which is convenient for customers to install and connect. If the customer voltage is three-phase 380V, it can be directly connect with the customer’s main switch. Instead of three-phase 380V, you need to add a transformer to change it to 380V, and connect the other section of the main power cord to the output of the transformer to supply power to the electric control cabinet.
  • Make sure that all pipelines, lines, and components are connect before powering the whole machine.

2 Connection between peripheral equipment and electric cabinet

  • In order for the machine to operate normally, it is necessary to introduce multiple lines in the control cabinet, such as fan power cords, water cooler power cords, optical fiber power cords and signal lines. Many other lines also need to be introduced into the control cabinet. Some of the lines are plugged in by ports, and some need to be directly connected to the electrical components in the control cabinet. These lines have labels. Please make sure to connect according to the labels when connecting. If you have any questions about the wiring, please check the wiring diagram in the accessory manual.
  • The power cord of the fan, the power cord of the water cooler, the power cord of the light unit and the signal line

are all connected by aviation plugs.

Yes, as shown in the figure below.

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