Advantages of double platforms cutting machine-Vincy

Advantages of double platforms laser cutting machine-Vincy


Now with the development of science and technology, people have more and more requirements for cutting machine.In order to meet the needs of customers, we produced this double platforms cutting machines.

1.appearing reason

And more and more customers need a more efficient,more faser cutting machine.

Besides,the price of cutting machine is not to high.

So the double platforms cutting machine is appearing.


Because it has two plarfroms,our cutting machine has some advantags.

1) Efficient and time saving

If you buy this cutting machine, you will greatly save the cutting time and improve the cutting efficiency.

2)Flexible operation

If you buy our cutting machine,pls don’t worry the installation and use.

And our professional engineer and customer service will help to use it.

3)Low failure rate, convenient maintenance

All of our cutting machine has lower failure rate than other company.

Why?Because we have a lot professional staffs like our engineers.

One of the advantages of fiber laser is efficiency and no-consumbles.

So you can use it for free.

4)Make full use of materials and reduce waste

This cutting machine has another advantage is a high utilization rate.

This is related to our control system and dual platform.

3.machine type

Our Double-platform machine has some different types,like G series,E series and GP series.

E series is siutable for low power,like 2000w.

G series is suitable for high power,like 4000w.

And GP series is suitable for higher power,like 6000w.

But their more suitable power represents the difficulty of cutting materials,.

Rather than they can only be used for 2000W cutting.

And for different types,we also have open and enclosed machine.

And customers can choose it by own needs.


If you are interested in our double platforms cutting machine after you looked this article.

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