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High power fiber laser cutter is becoming popular

We sold many 12kw fiber laser cutting machine recently.And also received many inquiry about high power machine.High power fiber laser cutter is becoming popular.


At present, the market share of fiber lasers in the industrial field over 50%. There is no doubt that high power fiber lasers have become the mainstay of the laser industry. And this situation will remain for a long time in the future.

And Xintian technology has won an excellent reputation in the global market. Such as With Germany, the United States, Japan, Britain, certain country, Malaysia and other countries. Over the years, we have exported our products to more than one hundred countries and regions.


As you Know,One of the most attractive advantages of fiber lasers is their wide range of materials. And High applicability, and low maintenance costs. It can process not only common carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and non-metal materials. But also cutting and welding highly reflective metals such as brass, aluminum, copper, gold and silver.

Better processing tools

If the development trend of fiber lasers is seen from the trend of medium and high power laser processing. The most popular fiber lasers in the early market are 1 kW to 2 kW. However, with the pursuit of improved processing speed and efficiency. 3k ~ 6kW products have become the industry’s hottest. In the future, this trend driving the industry’s demand for 10 kW and higher power segment fiber lasers.

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