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Fiber laser cutting gas and pressure selection

The main characteristics of fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutting gas and pressure selection

Laser cutting machine cutting, according to the cutting sheet material, need to choose different cutting gas.

The selection of gas and pressure has great influence on the quality of fiber laser cutting machine.

The influence of cutting gas and pressure on cutting quality

1) The cutting gas plays the role of heat dissipation and combustion support, blowing away the melting stains, and obtaining the cutting section of good quality.

2) When the cutting gas pressure is insufficient, the cutting quality will be affected by the following:

when cutting, melting stains occur, cutting speed can not meet the requirements, affecting the production efficiency.

3) when the cutting gas pressure is too high, the cutting quality is affected:

the cutting surface is rough and the slit is wide;

At the same time, this will cause part of the cutting section melting, can not form a good cutting section.

Effect of cutting gas pressure on perforation

1) When the gas pressure is too low, the laser is not easy to penetrate the cut plate, and the punching time will increase, resulting in low productivity.

2) When the gas pressure is too high, the penetration point will melt, forming a larger melting point, affecting the cutting quality.

3) Laser drilling, the general use of higher pressure punch thin plate, and the use of specific punching method to punch thick thin plate, eliminating the shortcomings of low pressure protection of the lens.

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